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The best blogs by start-ups

By Muireann Beasley

At, we value all those Irish start-ups who are about to pave their way in the business world.   The only thing we value higher than a good start-up? A great blog. So we’re amalgamating two of our great loves and bringing you three promising Irish start-ups who run three brilliant blogs.   1. […]

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The rise of the Chief Storytelling Officer

By Alex Sheehan

In case you haven’t realised it, we are living in a new era of PR and marketing. Brands are no longer pleading with publishers. They’re taking back the power by building narratives and crafting stories of their own. Enter the Chief Storyteller. OK, so this job title may or may not make this writer cringe […]

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3 must-read books to better your storytelling skills

By Anna Henderson

Storytelling is a skill that must be obtained by anyone working in Business, PR, Communications, and Journalism. Storytelling is one of the most effective forms of communication. Whether it’s creating a brand story, pitching a story to a journalist, or pitching a story to an editor, there are certain skills that must be obtained to […]

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5 Corporate Blogs to Inspire You

By Lisa Collins

  The key to any great brand is story telling. Connecting with your audience. Forming a community. Forget about the age of the website, everyone has one. Now we have entered the age of the blog. It is here where stories are told and an online presense is carved. Here are five inspiring examples. 

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