Great brands with great stories


There’s a story behind every idea, no matter how big or small. Here are the stories behind some of the worlds most well known and successful brands.  Go Pro  The Go Pro idea came from a man named Nick Woodman, who developed the idea when on a surfing trip. He didn’t like how surfing was […]

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Why every great organisation has a manifesto


Every great company has a manifesto. It helps define their worldview and gives customers a sense of what they stand for and what they want to change.

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5 reasons to incorporate PR into your marketing plan


The lines between marketing and PR have blurred with the advent of social media. But while there’s definitely some crossover in a PR and marketer’s skillset, it’s best to think of each role as working in tandem with the other. If marketing is what gets a brand or product off the ground, PR is what […]

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Martyn Rosney, PR

5 brand storytelling tips for startups


For startups, branding is so much more than just creating a fancy logo and a social media style guide. It is about developing a compelling story to convince investors and early adopters to take a chance on your venture.

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A stand out morning at #Momentum


We are blogging live here from Dublin Chamber‘s Momentum Summit in the Aviva Stadium. The day kicked off with a super morning session on How to stand out from the crowd  with Sonya Lennon of Lennon Courtney and Frockadvisor. Sonya told us that she has been standing out from a young age, her claim to […]

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5 brand storytelling tips


A Fund SME event is taking place tomorrow, May 18th in the Ballsbridge Hotel. Guest speakers, founders and exhibitors will deliver a series of lectures focusing around funding for small and medium enterprises.  So with this great event taking place in the city, we got to thinking about start-ups and stories. Brand storytelling is central […]

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create compelling story

5 ways to create a compelling story


If your company doesn’t have a mission statement, it’s time to create a compelling brand story.

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food critics no longer hold all the power

As hunger for content grows, food critics no longer hold all the power


Entrepreneur and chef Domini Kemp, who has co-founded a plethora of successful Irish food brands, remembers the fear of a lone diner entering her restaurant.

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brand storytelling

Brand storytelling tips for foodies


Whether you are opening a trendy cafe or about to launch a delicious new food item onto the market, brand storytelling plays a big part in building up hype and getting customers to come to your product.

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