Retailers that know how to get their story out there


Ahead of tomorrow’s Retail Summit, we take a look at some of Ireland’s best retailers and how they share their stories with the public.  Arnotts The most famous shop in Dublin knows how to share its stories. Arnott’s website contains a blog that keeps customers up to date with the latest news on new releases and upcoming […]

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SaaS Storytelling

5 storytelling tips for SaaS companies


Wondering what storytelling has to do with SaaS companies? Everything of course!  Storytelling is how you really get yourself out there. It’s how you get people to think about you.  Great stories get more. Here are some tips on how to tell stories worth remembering.  You do have a story to tell – Identify it […]

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The one communications lesson from Stranger Things


We’re no strangers to Netflix here at MediaHQ and now we’re hopping on the Stranger Things bandwagon… Let’s be honest there’s nothing better than a good ol’ binge watch, even if it leaves you feeling guilty, grimey and probably a little square-eyed. The shame of spending eight hours glued to a screen is something you might […]

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How to get shoppers to buy into your retail brand


Shoppers are crafty folk and yes we they can easily drop a tidy sum, but they are also careful where to spend their precious pennies. Retail brands have to work hard to ensure that they are the first on our shopping list. Earning media coverage through PR is hugely effective in the retail game and Irish […]

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Why Instagram stories are a big deal for brands


Anyone who uses Instagram will have noticed its new ‘stories’ feature, which is exactly like Snapchat’s.  While some users are still unsure about this new development, believing it is ripping snapchat off or that this isn’t what Instagram is for, brands are absolutely loving it.  There’s a few reasons for this. Most of them are […]

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Brand Storytelling 101


If there’s one thing you always remember, it’s a great story.  A great story gets people feeling, thinking and talking. That’s why a great story can work wonders for your brand. Here is a look at how it’s done.  Microsoft is one of the worlds most recognisable and successful brands. The company’s Chief Storyteller is […]

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Then & Now – The world of PR


Change is inevitable, change is constant. The world of Public Relations is no exception to this rule.  Here is a look at some of the ways in which the world of PR has changed over the years.  Blogging  Companies no longer have to solely depend on reporters to get their story out, they can publish themselves […]

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5 Irish companies getting in on the Pokémon Go fun


Pokémania is back baby. And as we all know, wherever consumers spend their time, brands will follow. There have been plenty of cheesy examples of brands forcing themselves into the Pokémon Go bubble. However, since the weather is nice and ice creams are on the way we’re focusing on the positives. Here are our favourite examples […]

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Irish brands that understand the importance of stories


If there’s one thing people always remember, it’s a great story. A great story triggers emotion inside someone. It gets them thinking and it gets them talking.  A great story can work wonders for your brand.  Here are some Irish brands that know all about the importance of storytelling.  Guinness The Guinness brand is famous throughout […]

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