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Brand Storytelling 15 Minute Read

How to devise a story strategy for an in-house PR team

By Ciara Byrne

Table of contents: Introduction The six-step Magic Slice process Finding the right media contacts to connect with your audience How to control your own narrative Conclusion Points to ponder   Introduction Devising an all-encompassing strategic direction for your brand provides a reference point for every story that is sent to the media. It is essential […]

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Newsjacking–a refresher for PR pros

By Ruan Gormley

At MediaHQ, we know just how manic the Public Relations world can be. PR pros are constantly trying to find creative ways to promote products, increase sales and generate a positive public perception of their brand. One method used to do this is ‘newsjacking’.  Not sure what newsjacking is? A term established by David Meerman […]

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How to create a sweet PR strategy

By Ruan Gormley

Want More PR Tactics? Get our expert insider guide that has 20 in one eBook here. Every organisation, no matter how large or small, ultimately depends on its reputation for survival and success. Hence, creating the perfect PR strategy should be essential to any business plan. When done effectively, it has the power to increase […]

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How to be an independent freelance PR pro

By Ruan Gormley

At MediaHQ, we know all about the PR industry. PR professionals need to be media savvy, creative, people people. They are responsible for raising a company’s positive media coverage, building relationships with key people and managing a company’s reputation by actively counteracting any negative publicity that could damage their name. They are in charge of […]

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Brand Storytelling 2 Minute Read

How to get your PR tactics out of a rut

By Ruan Gormley

Here at MediaHQ, we know just how important it is to have a good PR strategy. Your PR approach needs to be exciting, engaging and effective in order to grab a journalist’s attention and to have a lasting impact on your target audience. However, creative blocks are extremely common and can be quite frustrating. If […]

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Brand Storytelling 6 Minute Read

3 insightful ways to master the art of storytelling

By Kate Ryan

What is storytelling and how can one use it to their advantage in the world of PR? Whether in a business setting or otherwise, there are many advantages tied to storytelling. Incorporating these skills into your work can help you create an unforgettable PR campaign and act as the cherry on top. It is the […]

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