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Communications, Content, Irish Journalists June 22, 2018

Bore-fest Press: The Don’ts of Press Releases

Journalists can receive hundreds of press releases each week. However, only a select few of these stories are chosen to be published. But what is it that is making these select few so attractive and your press release is being overlooked? Well, it’s probably what you’re doing wrong, instead of what you’re doing right… Below,

Content, Irish Blogs, Media Tips June 11, 2018

5 simple steps for pitching to a freelance copywriter

For every business leader or organisation devoted to massive public relations or online brand promotion, a frightening realisation usually occurs now and again; ‘Jaysus … content development entails a great deal of writing!’ At that moment, whether the business leader is a farmer, engineer or a charity organisation, this rude awakening results in one major

5 minutes with the media, Communications, Content June 6, 2018

5 Minutes with the Media – Danielle Mahoney,

Every week here at MediaHQ we chat with a member of the media landscape to get an insight into what’s it’s like to work in the Irish industry.  Ever wondered what it’s like to start and run an entire online publication? This week’s guest gives us the inside scoop as we chat to Danielle Mahoney, Founder and

5 minutes with the media, Brand Storytelling, Communications May 2, 2018

5 Minutes with the Media – Rosemary Mac Cabe

In this week’s 5 Minutes with the Media, we’re joined by Rosemary Mac Cabe. Rosemary is journalist, blogger and TV panellist. She runs her own blog, podcast and YouTube channel and has contributed to many national publications such as Tatler, The Irish Times and Image Magazine. How would you describe your blog and blogging style?   When people

Communications, Content, Creativity April 30, 2018

What mental blocks are stopping your creativity?

Whether you’re trying to write a press release, pitch a new product idea or give a presentation, creative thinking is key to making sure you stand out.  In order to be creative, you have to change your thinking process. Creativity doesn’t have to be painting a huge mural, or writing a play, or playing music.

Content, MediaHQ, News April 16, 2018

3 reasons why every PR Pro needs a News Diary

Here at MediaHQ, we’ve seen over 173,000 different stories sent out by our clients to local and national media across print, radio, television and online. That number should give you an idea of the tidal wave of releases that sweep into journalist’s inboxes on a daily basis. To say it’s a challenge to make yourself

Communications, Content, Journalism April 9, 2018

7 tips for writing the best press release headline

When you write a press release, the headline is everything. Those 60 to 100 characters are what make or break it. If your headline does not entice the readers to click on it, the press release is headed straight for the press release graveyard. Don’t know what that is? Read our article on online newsrooms

Communications, Content, Digital Marketing April 3, 2018

Press Release 101: 3 words to delete

(and what words you should use instead) Here at MediaHQ, our clients have sent over 172,000 stories to local and national media across print, radio and television. Having seen that many press releases, we know a thing or two about jargon and over-used words.  You might have seen our blog post a while ago outlining 5

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