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Blogs, Communications, Media August 18, 2017

A Snapchat Guide for your PR needs

With a user rate of up to 166 million and all of its original features, Snapchat is extremely useful for all those involved in PR and marketing. Commonly asked questions however are, What is Snapchat? and, Who actually uses it? To put it into words, Snapchat can basically be described as a time limited picture messaging

Blogs, Communications, Irish Journalists July 12, 2017

8 Pitching Tips from the Pros

A newsroom is a very busy place and your press release can easily get lost in the floods of emails and calls arriving in. To help you increase the chances of your story getting picked up, we’ve decided to put together some pitching tips from journalists. From keeping the most interesting content at the top, to

Blogs, Communications, Content January 10, 2017

New Year, New Course – Introducing Story Revolution

Story Revolution, MediaHQ’s new course, will show you how to add content marketing to your PR strategy. Attendees will learn how to create great content.

Blogs, Content, Content is King January 9, 2017

A content marketing guide for beginners

Content marketing is becoming more and more important for building brands. It links into and boosts other areas of promotion. The chances are high that your organisation is already doing some form of content marketing. This could be sending out newsletters or simply posting to social media. But if you are aware of the benefits

Blog Awards 2015, Bloggers, Blogs December 13, 2016

On the fourth day of Christmas – How to write a brilliant blog post

If there’s one resolution you should make for 2017 it’s to get blogging. In this post we’ll share what makes a good blog.   Here’s how you can write a brilliant blog post, from start to finish. Get inspired You can look anywhere for inspiration, other blogs, listening to podcasts, social media or just sitting

Blogs, PR, PR Tips November 14, 2016

PR Spotlight – Who does what well?

Conor Hawkins takes a look at some simple ways to improve your PR, with some examples from well known Irish organisations.

Bloggers, Blogs, Irish Blogs November 11, 2016

Digital Influencers – Top 3 Young Sports Journalists You Should Know

Finn Connolly talks us through 3 of Ireland’s brightest up and coming sports bloggers and journalists.

Blogs, Communications, Ireland November 8, 2016

47 Ways to Get Media Coverage

How to Get Media Coverage An important part of your communications strategy should be gaining media coverage. But attracting media attention can be an art in itself. Journalists get pitched every day, often multiple times a day. With so much coming at them, journalists have to make quick decisions upon seeing an email or press

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