5 Arts journalists to follow during the Irish Literature Festival

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May 17, 2019
by Amanda Byrne

With the International Literature Festival approaching from the 17-26 of May we have decided to comprise a list of five Arts journalists to follow. Exploring the world of film, literature, music and TV these critics deliver their expert views on newly released content.

Alanna Hopkin

As well as the author of two novels ‘A Joke Goes a Long Way in the Country’ and ‘The Out-haul’ Alanna is also a well-established journalist and critic. As a critic she has written book reviews for The Irish Times and The financial Times. As an active member of the international Association of Art Critics, Alanna carries out creative writing courses and is also currently in the progress of writing her next novel.

Sean Rock

Rock understands the importance of Arts as he believes they present an essence of richness to our culture that helps improve our society. Rock transitioned from teaching to acting as he believed it was his natural calling. Sean Rocks has produced and presented  shows on RTÉ, Lyric FM and BBC Radio 4. He now presents Arena on RTÉ Radio 1.

Eithne Shortall

Eithne Shortall is a Dublin born arts correspondent for the Sunday Times. Prior to her work for the Sunday Times, Shortall was a TV and Radio presenter. Shortall made her American debut with her novel ‘Grace After Henry’.

John Boland

John Boland is an Irish poet, journalist, book and film critic for the Irish Independent. Boland has been described as a ‘book worm’  by the Irish Independent and prior to this work he was a theatre and film critic and literary columnist for the Irish Times.

Aoife Kelly

As a film critic for the Irish Independent Aoife Kelly delivers her reviews of the latest movies released to cinema. As well as film, Kelly also delivers the latest news and views on concerts, interviews and popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones.

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