Creating a Social Media schedule that works for you, PR Tips, Social Media
May 14, 2019
by Aine Lawless

Trying to figure out what to post on social media and when can be a challenge for even the most experienced of communications professionals.

Every company and account will have different needs when it comes to online interaction. At the end of the day there really aren’t any hard and fast rules that will make your social media efforts stand out, but below are some guidelines we think will help you figure out a posting schedule that will work for you.


Let’s take a run through the big four social media platforms


Twitter is the place you should be posting most frequently throughout the day. Most experts agree that unless the post is sponsored, it goes viral or the mythical algorithms are in your favour, each tweet you send will only have a lifespan of approximately 20 minutes. Ideally you should be thinking of five to ten posts per day to keep engagement up.

Thankfully with Twitter not everything needs to be original content, you can share and retweet any interesting tips, videos or articles you come across. Keep an eye on the profiles of significant publications or influencers within your industry.


Posts on instagram, much like tweets have a reasonably short shelf life on people’s feeds. However, due to their visual quality they are much more likely to create an impression than a simple tweet so there definitely isn’t the same urgency with posting.

In terms of post frequency on Instagram advice varies. With too many posts you run the risk of overwhelming people and dropping followers, yet keeping a strong presence is important. Ultimately consistency is key, posting every day is not essential however, posting regularly will keep your following engaged, try to figure out a posting schedule you can maintain and then stick to it. This could be anything from one to five times per week and as long as what you’re posting is of a high standard it shouldn’t matter too much.


Facebook is admittedly a tricky one, with targeted algorithms and sponsored posts it has become difficult for organic content to gain the same reach. Certain types of content perform better on Facebook so make sure your posts contain visuals and especially video.

Posting to Facebook more than once a day is generally unnecessary unless your company is very large. Aiming for between three and five posts per week is ideal and remember to focus on the quality of your content rather than the frequency.


Consider posting a similar amount to LinkedIn as you do to facebook, three to five posts per week is optimum. Most importantly, consider how your content on LinkedIn may vary from other channels, what works well on Instagram probably won’t perform the same elsewhere.

LinkedIn is a space to engage with potential clients and other leaders in your field, it’s a good place for articles, tips/tricks and engagement spurring questions.

Ultimately across all of your platforms the two most important things to remember are:

  1. Post consistently–find a schedule that works for you and stick to it.
  2. Don’t post something just for the sake of it–only post quality content in line with your brand’s message.

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