PR Tips from the Dark Side

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May 3, 2019
by Fionn Warren

For Star Wars Day, we’ve combed through everybody’s favourite epic space-opera media franchise to unearth some PR tips that can help you and your company. We’ve looked at the lessons that can be garnered from the Galactic Empire and their ill-fated quest for domination of the Galaxy.

Although a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there are everyday public relations lessons to be learned from the Dark Jedi.

Build a strong brand identity

You want everyone to find it easy to understand what you do. While clever names and puns can be fun, they don’t do a great job of letting people know your business. Take it from the Galactic Empire who avoided any ambiguity in the naming of their military. Imperial Stormtroopers, Star Destroyers and the Death Star have a suggestive quality to them. Darth Vader’s all-black armour and the autocratic uniforms of the Empire’s Imperial military officers share an evil aesthetic that helps further define their baddie brand. As a result, the Galactic Empire forged a clear brand identity through names and strong visuals (and slavery and genocide) that are at once obvious and recognisable.

Publicise your brand

Now that you have a strong brand identity, you need to promote yourself. Putting on a campaign or event is a great way to showcase your personal brand and connect with your audience. The crucial thing here is that the campaign is a good fit with your brand.

When the battle station’s commander, the Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the Death Star’s superweapon to be fired at Alderaan, the destructive power of the Galactic Empire was immediately made apparent. The planet exploded instantly in a ball of fire, along with all its inhabitants. Alderaan, a pacifist planet, was of no threat to the empire but its destruction effectively allowed the Empire to spread their message of impending doom and to showcase their brand. The event was a master stroke in delivering the Empire’s key message and shows how the right publicity can go a long way to growing your reputation.

Learn from your mistakes

We all make mistakes, it’s a part of being human or jedi, the important thing is that we learn from them. Whether it’s a typo in a press release, a poorly timed tweet, or the entirely avoidable destruction of a multi-billion dollar weapon, there are valuable lessons to be learned from our mistakes. When the first Death Star was blown up because of a two metre-wide thermal exhaust port, Darth Vader made the necessary adjustments.

The Death Star II was larger and more powerful than its predecessor and crucially had no exhaust port. Instead, the second Death Star incorporated millions of millimeter-sized heat-dispersion tubes that couldn’t be exploited by the Rebel Alliance. Darth Vader and his team had noted the frailties of the first weapon and learned from it to create an even better one the second time around. Although admittedly this too was blown up. Anyway, what’s important is that Darth Vader saw the mistake and worked out what to do differently the next time.

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