Key skills PR professionals should cultivate

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April 5, 2019
by Laura McCormack

PR is a rapidly shifting industry, something we are well used to hearing. New technologies are constantly unfolding creative ways to communicate with audiences and, as a result, the skills needed to thrive in the PR industry are always changing.

This has occasionally led to the belief that certain PR skills have become outdated, meaning that competing “old” and “new” visions of the PR industry are set up in opposition. It is, however, important that PR professionals marry these two skill sets.

Here are the five most important skills (old and new) that PR pros should cultivate.


It will come as no surprise that cultivating your writing skills should be a top priority for any professional communicator. Whether you’re writing a press release, newsletter, blog post or even just posting on social media, the ability to create engaging content matters. Often, your audience’s first impression of your company or organisation will be the result of written communication, so working to improve your writing dexterity is crucial for anyone pursuing a career in PR.

Hand-in-hand with your writing should come your proofreading abilities. No piece of writing has ever suffered from a second pair of eyes so spend time proofing copy, it will give you a fresh perspective and sharpen your attention to detail.


Visual storytelling is on the rise and is often a driving force behind audience engagement. Integrating multimedia into PR campaigns is becoming more and more necessary to keep engagement up.

Practicing your talents in this area will add value to your PR skill set and ensure that your stories gain some added texture.

Research Skills

The ability to conduct research is a fundamental PR skill. Strong research will enable you to construct your campaigns with clarity and precision, it will also allow you to gain a clear understanding of your client, their history and their values.

Good research includes informal research, which means talking to employees or members of the public and asking them questions, monitoring social media sites, setting up alerts and keeping abreast of any relevant news updates.

Social Media

Social media is one great way of measuring audience engagement, partially solving a problem that has historically plagued PR professionals.

Developing a unique ‘voice’ on social media is crucial to maintaining a PR game that’s current and engaging. Social media is a great way to communicate with your audience quickly and directly, so being savvy online is an important aspect of any communications role.


Creativity plays a huge role in PR, from developing campaigns and discovering interesting story angles to crafting the perfect byline.

Creative approaches to PR are needed in order to stand out from the noise, so a good communicator will foster the creative impulses needed to succeed in PR.

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