The importance of a strong online presence

Communications, Content, PR, Social Media
February 25, 2019
by Aine Lawless

It’s not news to anyone in the PR, communications or marketing industries that today’s media landscape is all about having a strong online presence. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier for those struggling against the tide of new media technologies, unsure of where to start and how to establish the right tone.

For those of you at a loss when it comes to how to manage your voice online we have compiled some of our top tips for a sustainable presence across social media channels.

Personalities over corporate voice

Our audiences and customers want to communicate with a human voice, no one wants to feel like they are interacting with a faceless corporate entity or bot.

Get on board with how your target market is using social media, create a brand personality and make it shine through your content and posts. Get your colleagues to contribute to blog posts or social media channels, it’s always good to see the personalities behind a brand, make sure if possible that their posts stay on message but also don’t be afraid to have some fun with your social media.

Humanising your band will enhance customer experience and encourage interaction, which is definitely more important than having a slick corporate tone online.


Know your audience

If you know exactly who your audience is, understand what resonates with them and how they best like to be contacted you are well on the way to having a good communications strategy. Bear in mind that different platforms will naturally have different demographics so make sure you’re targeting the right places with the appropriate tone.

When it comes to the kind of content you’re posting, don’t fall into the trap of only pushing out photos of your products/services. Figure out what kind of content your audience responds well to and work that into your strategy. It could be;

  • Reposting user-generated content
  • Company culture content
  • “How to” posts on using your product
  • Sharing industry news


Nurture your community

Collaborate with and engage your audience, building large numbers of followers is no use if you are seeing very little interaction on your posts. Our aim should be to create a community of followers online and to nurture those relationships. Obviously increasing the size of that community is a good thing, as long as you can retain a positive and engaging relationship with your followers.

User-generated content can be a very powerful way to move forward with building your community. Retweet and favourite their content where possible and aim to respond to all questions in a timely manner. Responsiveness really is key to ensuring you are nurturing your community. Replying to comments and tweets may not seem like the most important thing when you have a busy day ahead but that kind of engagement is key to creating a loyal customer base.

Use video and images

When we look at what gains the most traction on social media, visuals are leaps and bounds ahead of text posts alone. Facebook’s algorithms make it much more likely that videos will show up on user’s timelines rather than images or text alone. Tweets with images attached have much higher click rates and other platforms such as Instagram rely solely on image and video-based content.

Remember, just because you don’t have the skills or resources to create professional video projects does not mean that you can’t upload amateur footage. Uploading regular footage and live streams even from people’s phones will help boost engagement and show off your brand’s personality.


Continuously analyse
Growing your presence and community online will of course take time. To make sure your strategy is growing with you it must be consistently adapted and analysed to see what results it is pulling and where improvements can be made.

All social media coverage should be measured similarly to help understand any opportunities or potential gaps in your strategy.


At the end of the day surviving online is extremely doable, the most important things to remember are that you engage your audience whenever possible and that you let your brand’s personality shine.

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