5 ways to transform your PR in the second quarter of 2019

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February 18, 2019
by Mary Mtabali

We’re almost into the last month of the first quarter, so haven’t havn’t already now it’s time to hit the ground running with new and creative content, ideas and strategy. What can you do to improve your PR strategies?

Here are a few starting points to get ready for quarter two’s revolutionary communications.

Deliver quality over quantity

As new media platforms continue to evolve moving away from the traditional media, businesses jump onto these trends and flood the platforms with valueless content in an attempt to ride the wave. This causes the very clients they’re trying to attract to tune out before they’ve even processed the messages. Be purposeful in 2019. Restrain the impulse to produce content for the sake of doing so.

Keep an eye on emerging technologies

Businesses should also consider new technologies awaiting 2019 and adapt them to their communications strategies. One way to improve your social media blueprint is exploring the rising opportunities with podcasts and smart speakers (Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc). Use them to extend your online presence as a form of blogging with tidbits of news and inspiration. At MediaHQ, we use podcasting, blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn and email to engage with our audiences. Be focused and be flexible with your approach.

Segment your audiences

Most companies don’t ever take this into consideration when they are running PR campaigns or sending out press releases. Communications is about segmenting audiences so you can be relevant to the right audience at the right time. To develop a professional public relations approach you need to share a new message with a different audience at least once a week.

There are several hundred opportunities with various audiences every week. MediaHQ has over 6,000 individual contacts – giving you a leeway to reach different audiences. The key is to share a new message with a different audience. It doesn’t always have to be a national press release all the time, you could issue to your local media or to your trade press. This 2019, just get busy and start segmenting your audiences and reach out to them accordingly.

Craft a meaningful brand narrative

Optimise your brand narrative to step up your PR strategy in 2019. It’s not enough to create a social calendar based on product or company messaging. Your content needs to be evocative and compelling to lead audiences to action. Evaluate your brand story and ensure it is inspiring and stands tall among the social clutter. Ground your social content in that message and it will surely rise above. So, to craft a meaningful brand narrative this year, spend some time answering the most important questions: Why does your organisation exist? What are your values? What do you want to achieve and how can you bring that to life every day with stories?

Data Visualisation=Storytelling

Data makes the PR world go ’round … and round and round.’ Interpreting data and making it legible can sometimes be a pain for businesses, but there are many tools around that make it easier to create charts and infographics. In other words, no excuses! Visualisation quickly draws the attention of a consumer and gets a brand’s point across. Data visuals are increasingly becoming an element of storytelling, giving content users a narrative to utilise and take readers on a journey to become more engaged and personal with a brand.

Just as technology continues to evolve in the blink of an eye, the communications industry does so as well. It is important to stay on top and ahead of trends the moment that they appear so that you can grab consumers with appealing content and generate useful relationships.

Maybe you’d like to reach various audiences via different media contacts or you are a startup or established company looking to create an innovative PR strategy for the new year, MediaHQ is here to help! Please give Gaye a call at 01 254 1845 or click here.