MediaHQ team’s favourite festive films

December 20, 2018
by Anna Henderson

As the silly season is well underway, the MediaHQ team have put together their favourite Christmas movies/songs. Some are fairly standard, others not so much…

Niamh– Media Researcher

“Home Alone, either 1 or 2. Definitely not 3 and 4!”

Home ALone

Fionn–Media Research Executive

“Movies: Nightmare before Christmas – The greatest Christmas story ever told.
Die Hard – John McClane running around in his bare-feet killing bad guys
The best Christmas song? Fairytale of New York”

Die HArd

Laura– Media Research Executive

“My favourite Christmas movie is The Grinch (the original with Jim Carey). The best kids movies always have a good balance of jokes for kids and jokes for adults.

Or The Muppets Christmas Carol, still the best adaptation of Dickens out there.”


Barbara–Operations Manager

“Muppets: A Christmas Carol or The Apartment”


Áine–Multimedia Specialist

“Favourite Christmas song(s) – Carol of the bells and Sleigh Ride

Favourite Christmas film – The Grinch (original cartoon), honourable mention to Holiday in Handcuffs”

The grinch

Mary–Media Research Executive

“Favourite Christmas song – Santa Baby (the Eartha Kitt version because she doesn’t sound like a baby in it).”


Rachel–Senior PR Executive

“Mine is Fairytale of New York and The Sound of Music (not a Christmas film but one I only ever watch at Christmas) or if you want a Christmas one, The Holiday.”

The Holiday

Ruan–Media Researcher

“Favourite song: Jingle Bell Rock – Mean Girls, hello?!
Favourite Christmas movie: has and always will be The Polar Express :))”

Mean girls c

Anna–Content and Social Media Executive

“Favourite movie has to be The Grinch or a guilty pleasure is Christmas with the Kranks, it’s so awful! I also love watching the Harry Potter series at Christmas.”

Harry Potter