Why calls trump email when PR pitching this Christmas

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December 18, 2018
by Niamh Dunne

On the 11th day of the 12 Days of MediaHQ content, we explain why calls can be more beneficial than emails this Christmas.

PR pitching is a task in itself and they can often go unanswered when sent to journalists and publications. While emails can be more efficient and allow you to send them to multiple contacts at once, it isn’t always the most effective. Journalists can ghost you, leaving you with no response. But how can you improve on your PR pitches? This Christmas, why not try a phone call?

On the spot feedback

Phone calls offer an instant response that emails don’t. Talking to a journalist over the phone, they can give you immediate feedback on how your pitch was. This allows you to improve and perfect your pitch for the next phone calls you will have to make. With emails, they don’t offer that instant feedback that you need to create the most effective PR pitch. Emails can you leave you with no reply and can lead you wondering as to why, but with phone calls, you are able to find that information out right on the spot.

Build relationships with journalists  

If you are pitching to the same journalist on a regular basis, naturally you build a relationship with that journalist. Building a relationship with a journalist will make it far easier for you to pitch press release as it allows for a reliable pitch with a high probability of a successful pitch. It also gives you a guaranteed journalist that will listen to your pitch, even if it doesn’t succeed. With countless PR pitches sent via email, calls allow for that personal element which emails are missing and allows you to connect with the journalist.

Explain your story properly

If you have a complex or lengthy pitch, email isn’t always the best way to convey your story. Calls give you the opportunity to tell your story properly with the emotion and personalization that emails often miss. You are able to write out your pitch and practice it to ensure that it is convincing and will entice the journalist to want to hear more about it. You are able to pique the journalist’s interest far more than any email will and therefore your story is told properly.

Stand out!

Anyone who works in PR knows that emails are the most common use out there for PR pros. Journalists are inundated with press releases in their inbox that a call will actually make you stand out. Journalists don’t want to be reading through reams of press release to find the right one for them. Calls will allow you stand out against your competitors who may have opted to send an email. You can often get more information from a call than an email, which only benefits you and your pitch. It is also something that you may miss out on by sending an email.

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