The importance of a good brand

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November 22, 2018
by Amanda Byrne

What do we firstly think of when we hear the word branding? Does our mind automatically provoke the notion that branding is nothing more than logos and graphic design? Or are we infused with the idea that branding is restricted to international corporations? If so we swiftly need to change that perception.

A business’s logo is only a fraction of what branding entails. You must consider your whole customer experience which includes customer service, advertising, updating social media and as small of a task as it may be, simply the manner in which we answer the phone can alter the reputation of a company.

Sometimes businesses focus solely on financial matters and everyday duties before even considering improving the brand of their company.  Central tasks are prioritised while efforts to improve the brand are ignored. No matter how big or small a business is, it is always essential to have a good brand. Here are some tips that can guide you along the way.

First impressions are key

Whether you are rebranding or launching a new business first impressions are vital.

Your brand can be best described as your fingerprint in the world of business. It is how you are recognised as a company and what sets you apart from other businesses, especially businesses in which you are in competition with. If customers are inclined to purchase products a good standard of customer service is essential. Your staff must be well trained in a manner that is both polite and inviting. As an entrepreneur, you do not need your hard working efforts to be dismantled by unsuitable staff.

 Study your competition

Once two powerful brands, selling similar products to the same target audience occurs rivalry may be evident and is known as direct competition. Unless you are a monopolistic business with no contenders it is crucial to research the competition. Branding helps you stand out in the midst of competitors. It is vital to strategically plan your brand. By following through with promises allows customers to see the authenticity of the business. By updating your database can also encourage new customers. Customers love a reliable brand with strong ethics. If you’re uncertain about overtaking the competition authenticity and a good set of morals can help build a good reputation for customers.


What actions would you take if you went into your favourite restaurant and they misplaced your order? A simple mistake right. What if you went into the same restaurant and the exact same issue occurred? You must be consistent at all times to shows customers the level of professionalism your business upholds. This consistency builds a level of trust between the employer and the customer. Constant reliable customer service is what links the customer to the business.

Dedicate time to creating a logo

Think about your favourite brand. Is the logo too cluttered or vibrant? Is there too much information on it? A good logo should be simple yet effective. Dependent on the business the logo must reflect the goals and objectives of a company. A colourful logo may suggest the company is fascinating and exciting while a black and white logo may promote the seriousness of a business. They are initially what represents the company by the use of symbol. Your company logo should stand out from the rest and leave an imprint in customers minds to remind them who you are and what you do.

Realistically without good branding it is almost impossible to maintain a well-established business. Investing time and effort into your brand by building stable and reliable relationships with customers, delivering excellent customer service and creating a clever well thought of logo can help your business blossom into an acknowledged reliable business.