In the GDPR era, how do you stop people opting-out from your releases?

September 20, 2018
by Emma Curtin

Under GDPR any and all email communications you send out, including all your wonderful press releases are required to come with an easy opt-out option.

In an ideal world no one would ever want to opt-out from your releases but to safeguard you from this here’s a couple of best practice tips to prevent the perils of email opt-outs post-GDPR.


First and foremost don’t shout at people. There is never any need for an angry caps lock infused headline on a press release. If you are trying to make your release stand out in a journalist’s inbox this might achieve that but for all the wrong reasons. You do not want to become known as the person with the shouty subject lines.

Say no to spam

Spam is the ultimate opt-outable offence. Bombarding journalists with countless press releases, no matter how exciting or newsworthy the content is, is most likely going to wind you up on a lot of journalist’s blacklist. Come up with a strategy for your releases and pick the perfect times to send them out. One well-timed release is the key to coverage and avoiding opt-outs.

harry potter opt-out GDPR SPAM

Live lists

We’ve covered live lists on our blog before and we truly believe they are the ultimate PR pro tip. Using live lists means making a new list for each individual press release you are sending out and tailoring the contacts you select specifically for that release. Not only will this help you avoid the dreaded opt-outs, it increases your chances of coverage too.
lists gdpr opt outs


Having good practices in this post GDPR world is the easiest way to avoid losing coverage to opt-outs and also to improve your relationships with the journalists you’re contacting and with all the time MediaHQ saves you, it’s easy to put in that bit of extra effort.

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