3 unexpected consequences of GDPR

With the General Data Protection Regulation firmly in place, the onslaught of consent emails has finally calmed down.

While the regulation is great for individuals to take back control of their personal data, there have been some, eh annoyances, since the GDPR kicked in.

Here are three unexpected consequences that came after the deadline:

Accept Accept Accept

Since May 25th, how often do you think you’ve pressed the “I Accept’ button on some dodgy paragraph of terms and conditions that you definitely haven’t read anyway? We understand why the consent box is there, but when it appears numerous times on the same website it does get tiring.

Restricted Access to Non-EU based content

Instead of dealing with data protection, some non-EU companies have just decided not to acknowledge the GDPR at all. Instead, organisations have blocked anyone in the EU from accessing their website and content. Los Angeles Times, New York Daily, and Arizona Daily Sun are just some of the news outlets that have blocked access to EU citizens instead of dealing with the GDPR.

Some people actually don’t want to receive your stuff

Now that the opt-out feature is available in every email campaign, people have the opportunity to be cutthroat and opt-out from receiving your releases. Sending press releases to irrelevant journalists? Bye. Spamming people? Bye. Sending out multiple press releases with no formatting, bad grammar and no further press contact details? Bye bye. This ensures people are sending relevant releases to the right people in order not to be blacklisted by a journalist.


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