3 Awesome Occasions for a Press Release

Summer is here and silly season is on the horizon. This means journalists are just waiting for some fantastic press releases to land in their inbox to relieve them of their story slump. This is a golden opportunity for PR pros with fantastic story hooks to come to the rescue. With less going on in the news cycle it can be hard to come up with these hooks though.

That’s where MediaHQ’s News Diary comes in. Our News Diary is jam-packed with weird and wonderful dates, events and occasions to help you create your next release. Here are 3 perfect occasions to send out a release during the silly season.

International Picnic Day – 18 June

occasions picnic day

There’s nothing better for one of our rare Irish summer days than a packed picnic basket and a park. International Picnic Day aims to get people out in the open air International Picnic Day is particularly suited for press releases from food and drink brands but there is plenty of story hooks that can be conjured by other companies from this fun family day. Outdoor pursuits, suncream brands, health organisations International picnic day is a completely versatile occasion.

Cow Appreciation Day – July 10

occasions cow appreciation day

Cow Appreciation Day was originally created as a marketing gimmick. A U.S based chicken restaurant chain founded this appreciation day for cows to encourage sales at their outlets. They were so successful that it is still marked today, in America and around the world. Today is a day to celebrate all things bovine. People are encouraged to throw parties, dress up as cows, and abstain from eating beef. It has evolved beyond its original purpose and now can even be considered an advocacy day for vegetarianism. Cow Appreciation Day is one of those wonderful occasions that could spawn press releases on anything from ethical farming to children’s birthday party themes so your communications team, regardless of your industry, have a fantastic excuse to issue a fun release.

Puck Fair – 10-12 August

occasions puck fair

The most bizarre of all Irish celebrations is Killorglin’s Puck Fair. The annual festival in County Kerry centres around centuries-old traditions and is one of Ireland’s oldest fairs. A goat catcher goes up into the mountains to catch a wild goat. This goat is brought to the town centre and crowned King Puck by the Queen of Puck, traditionally a young school girl from one of the local schools. The King Puck goat is then hoisted into the air in a cage and suspended above the town square for the remainder of the festival. The goat’s welfare is of paramount importance and he is well looked after for the duration of the festival before being returned to the mountains. There are so many different elements to Puck Fair including food, music, live entertainment and, of course, the goat that you are bound to pluck some inspiration for a release from this fabulous festival.

MediaHQ’s News Diary is a handy tool that combines a content calendar and press release organising tool to ensure you never miss a chance to send out a release. The News Diary is filled with hundreds of story hooks for releases from International Beer and Pizza Day to World Friendship Day so you will never be stuck for a story hook again. You can add your own hooks and even set news alerts so you won’t miss out on an upcoming event.

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