GDPR jokes: If you don’t laugh you’ll cry

(or get fined €20 million)

As we are now firmly in the GDPR era, it’s important that companies have processes in place to justify their collection of people’s data, through consent and other forms of opting-in. 

We have been working behind the scenes for the last year, adding new features to MediaHQ to ensure all our customers are GDPR compliant.

The GDPR is obviously an extremely serious topic, and it is an important regulation to ensure the safety of our individual personal data when it’s being stored and used by companies.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as these people have successfully highlighted just how much GDPR is taking over.

Without further ado, here are our favourite Twitter GDPR jokes:

Knock knock jokes will forever have to be regulated

GDPR experts won’t be winning any clients quickly

Are our favourite spam bots also going to be GDPR compliant?

The GDPR, breaking every website’s heart, one step at a time

Speaking of GDPR, are your media contacts compliant?

Christmas is going to be a NIGHTMARE for Santa this year 

While we might joke around with GDPR, anyone in breach of the regulation will face some pretty serious fines. If you’re using Google Sheets or an Excel to store your data, you may want to think about how secure the information is. To learn more about what happens if you don’t comply, or to see how MediaHQ can help your PR become GDPR compliant, please click here.