5 Irish women doing amazing work in the media industry #IWD2018

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March 8, 2018
by Andrea Palmentiero

Here at MediaHQ, we know that women are changing the world. Strong, independent women are making history by standing up and taking their new place in society. Gone are the days of princesses being saved and the damsel in distress act, because this generation of women are their own superheroes.

Today’s generation of women work hard, love hard, and fight hard for what they believe in. They take pride in how far they’ve come over the years and have confidence in how much further they will continue to go.

In honour of  International Women’s Day, we wanted to acknowledge five women in the Irish media, who are moving mountains in the industry and inspiring women and young girls to be bold and unstoppable.

1)   Samantha Barry

Samantha Barry is a Cork native turned successful New York City businesswoman.  Her career immediately took her around the world while working at RTE, Newstalk, ABC Australia, and the U.S. State Department training young journalists. Her big break was at BBC World News in London where she was a social media producer and journalist.  In 2014 she was offered a position at CNN as executive producer for social and emerging media. Here is where she made a name for herself in the USA. She led the social teams to develop a strategy for editorial teams working across publishing, news-gathering, digital and TV.

Barry is still working her way to the top of the industry and just accepted a position as editor-in-chief at US Glamour Magazine.  Whether it be in Europe or the USA, Samantha Barry has no boundaries and achieves success wherever she is in the world. Because of this, her future is limitless.

2)   Dee Forbes

Dee Forbes, another Cork native, is an Irish media powerhouse who has a variety of experience in this industry.  She was President and Managing Director of Discovery Networks Northern Europe for six years, and in July 2016 she took the role of director-general of RTE.  The risks were especially high for her because she was the first women to hold this position, and she was the first external appointment in almost 50 years.

With all of these challenges aside, Forbes took full advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime and proved all of her sceptics wrong. Forbes has become a part of history by shaping the future for women of RTÉ and setting an example for women around the country.

3)   Ellen Gunning

Ellen Gunning is one of Ireland’s leading women in the media business world. She is the founder and director of the Irish Academy of Public Relations which provides the largest online education of public relations, journalism, and event management in Ireland.  Her own professional accomplishments include being a broadcast media journalist, an author, and an accomplished public speaker. On top of the Academy, Gunning spends her other time educating professionals on the art of public speaking and works closely with many different charities.

Gunning is a strong, motivated female who makes it her goal to work harder and be better every day. Gunning inspires woman around the country to have the power within themselves to take control and change their own lives.

4)   Katie Molony

Katie Molony was the managing director of Maximum Media where she played a key role in getting the company to its spot as Ireland’s No. 1 digital publishing company.  Molony is known to be the powerhouse behind this successful company by overseeing every department from editorial to commercial during its growth over the recent years.  Under Molony’s watchful eye and confident lead, Maximum Media now has over ten million unique users each month and has launched two new sites.

Molony has recently moved jobs and is now a Board Member of Business to Arts and she continues to shine through her hard work in whatever job she takes on. Maximum Media wouldn’t be where it is today without her strong influence, and her legacy will forever live on in its continued success as a company.

5)   Dee Woods

Dee woods is most known for her radio personality on Radio Nova. In 2010, Woods joined the Radio Nova team in hopes of helping them build a radio empire.  She started as a newsreader and swing jock with a weekend Sunday show, but after seeing her potential, Nova gave her the “Nova Nights” gig that launched her career. Eventually, Woods joined the “Morning Glory” team and then moved to the “All 80s Lunch” where she works now and has won the hearts of her listeners around Ireland. 

Not only is Woods a prime example of strong women thriving in a tough industry, but her love and dedication to her job are proven in everything that she does. She even broadcasted from her home during Storm Emma, so her listeners wouldn’t be without their daily broadcast.

It is very evident that the strong-women epidemic is spreading at a rapid rate and will continue to do so in the years to come. The new generation of women are working together and empowering one another to be the best versions of themselves, which is more powerful than any CEO this world has ever seen. 

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