How LinkedIn Can Help Brands Interact With Millennials

Branding, LinkedIn
March 8, 2017
by Conor Hawkins

Millennials are the most diverse generation on the planet, and marketers are desperately trying to understand them, and it’s easy to see why.

When it comes to purchasing power, millennials are worth around $1 trillion annually. This is a figure that will only rise over the next decade.

So, now that LinkedIn is making a comeback, largely lead by millennials, we take a look at how brands can interact with them. 

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Anyone who uses LinkedIn knows that it’s all about being connected. To make meaningful connections with millennial users, it’s crucial to publish content that they actually care about.

According to research carried out by LinkedIn last year, here are the top 10 content topics millennial users engaged with most:

1. Recruiting

2. Social media marketing

3. Employee engagement

4. Recruiters

5. Self-esteem

6. European Union

7. Integrated marketing

8. Venture capital

9. Marketing

10. Lean manufacturing

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Now that you know what to post, you have to know who to target.

It’s very important not to paint all millennials with the one brush, they aren’t a group of clones with one set of beliefs, values, or habits.

As with any audience, you need to know what millennials value, how they consume content, and what messages are most likely to resonate with them.

According to LinkedIn’s research, there are four main types of millennials:

  • TrendNetters. This group makes up roughly 40 percent of millennials, and its members most closely align with marketers’ generalisations. They frequently share and curate but rarely create content of their own.
  • AlterNatives. This mostly male subgroup takes refuge in online friendships. They are extremely digital savvy and active in their consumption of technology and entertainment content, but they can be difficult for marketers to track. Data show they are “elusive, and they like it that way.”
  • LYFPreneurs. These people embody a “work hard, play hard” lifestyle and make up fewer than 20 percent of millennials. They are creators and big-spenders and “prefer face-to-face conversations.”
  • BetaBlazers. These millennials are value-oriented and take a quality over quantity approach in their personal and professional lives. Research says this group is “extremely forward-thinking.”

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