5 things all good PR Pros do on social media

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May 11, 2016
by Robert Flynn

Whether you’re a writer or a tailor, a fisherman or a sailor, success will always be something you have to work hard to achieve. The world of PR is no different.

PR pros work tirelessly day and night. From running top campaigns to driving hard bargains for their clients, these diligent professionals know what it takes to be on top of their game. But how do they do it?

Let’s take a loot at these 5 things all good PR Pros do on social media:

1. Constant Updates on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the fast track way to find any professional in the workplace, but not just that, with LinkedIn you can keep an eye out for what projects professionals are currently working on. Updating your profile with recent and time-sensitive articles lets people know you’re on the ball. (You won’t catch a good PR Pro not updating their LinkedIn). It also helps to develop a regular readership and attract potential customers.

2. Creating Media Lists

A good PR Pro will always keep tabs on the latest changes in the media. Creating lists on Twitter is a good way these professionals keep up-to-date with Fleet Street. Not only this, Twitter lists monitor trends and what Journalists are talking about.

3. Partake in Groups

A LinkedIn group is an online forum set up by existing LinkedIn users which allows others to  contribute content and talk about certain topics with each other. PR Pros always use LinkedIn groups as they are a great way to speak with other people in a similar profession to you. Check out MediaHQ’s very own group, with over 1500 members with weekly member upates.

4. Succesful PR Pros Interact

These days you might think interaction on social media only consists of outraged people in comment sections, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The real brains of social media interaction lie in the way PR Pros (and any other adept social media users) observe, ruminate and respond by sharing their own or others informed content. Social media isn’t about who shouts the loudest; good PR Pros know this.

5. The Mail is (NOT) Dead!

The best thing about social media is to know when to stop. Whatever social media tactics a good PR Pro employs, they will know when enough is enough. Not only do they know when social media won’t work, but they know that the humble email has no expiry date. E-mail allows to develop conversations and maintain respectful, professional boundaries that social media sometimes goes beyond.

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Robert Flynn@PureFlynn