5 on Friday: 5 researchers you should know

Broadcasting, Media, Radio, RTÉ Radio 1
April 15, 2016
by Muireann Beasley

The researchers are the backbone of every radio programme.  If you find yourself struggling to keep up with all the key researchers in the Irish media, fear no more.

Here’s 5 researchers making waves in their field:

Barbara Feeney – Newstalk

Barbara is a researcher on the Pat Kenny Show which airs every weekday at 10am. She has also worked on Moncrieff, Newstalk Lunchtime and The Right Hook. Barbara has a degree in psychology from the University College Dublin and you can connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Susan O’ Loghlin – RTE Radio 1

Susan O’ Loghlin is a researcher on The Ryan Tubridy Show which airs every weekday at 9:00am. She has also worked on The Marian Finucane Show. Susan’s typical duties include generating programme ideas, sourcing guests and conducting pre-interviews with guests. You can connect with Susan on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Eimear Shannon – Todayfm

Eimear is a researcher with the Anton Savage Show which airs every weekday at 9:00am. She has been in this role for nearly two years now. Eimear has journalism degree from Dublin City University and her skills include broadcast journalism, blogging and Indesign. You can connect with Eimear on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Nicola Bardon – RTE 2fm

Nicola is a researcher on the Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene which airs weekdays from 10am. In her time at 2fm, she has also researched for The Dave Fanning Show, The Ryan Tubridy Show and The Stephen Byrne Show. In addition to being a radio researcher, Nicola is also a reporter for the Irish Sun. You can find Nicola on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Joe Coffey – Newstalk

Joe is a researcher on The Right Hook which airs on evenings from 4:30pm. A seasoned researcher it seems, Joe has been working in a research role for nearly 5 years now. With a keen interest in Sport, Joe was a founder of Newstalk’s sports show, Team 33. When he is not researching at Newstalk, Joe is writing for the Western People. Joe can also be found on LinkedIn or Twitter.

As always, more information about these researchers and their corresponding shows can be found on MediaHQ.com.

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