The best free apps for small business

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June 18, 2013
by Alex Sheehan

Smart phone apps aren’t just for entertainment or information, they can also be extremely useful particularly when it comes to your business.Smart phone apps can make all aspects of your business easier from financial management to project organisation, and many of them can be downloaded for free.


Mint puts all your financial accounts into one secure place. This free app helps you set a budget, automatically track your finances, set goals and just makes running your business easier. Mint is used by over 10 million people and is available on a variety of devices;  iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets.


Asana is essentially a to do list  between a number of people. The project management app is free for 30 people or less which makes it perfect for small business users. It keeps everyone in the loop and is ideal for managing teamwork, collaboration and tasks with its deadline settings, priority and label options.


Dropbox is a well known cloud storage service to manage and share photos and documents. It can sync your work across all devices and the web making it easy to manage your files while you are on the go. Dropbox offers free accounts with up to 18GB of storage. It is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, BlackBerry and even the Kindle Fire.
LiveMinutes makes meetings memorable. It’s for meeting and working on things simultaneously, in real-time with up to 20 people.  Once inside the meeting you can share documents and videos. The meeting is recorded and then sent to the attendees. This extremely useful app will boost communication and interaction between colleagues.

These apps are not only free and useful but all can be used on your trusty smart phone. If you would like to learn more about using your smart phone to boost your business and create content, check out our course Smart Phone Media Maker.