4 horror movie marketing stunts

By Roisin Nestor
Horror Movie

With only a few days to go until Halloween, we look at 4 creative and creepy stunts that helped market some great horror movies.

1. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Prior to The Blair Witch Project’s screening at the Sundance festival in 1998, directors Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick decided to build a website to hype up the story of the film. They populated it with interviews, fake news articles and images of the woods where three students had “disappeared”. The site added to the dread of audiences – was this horror movie real or not?

Thanks to the website and other marketing stunts, the movie – which was filmed over eight days on handheld cameras – took in over $248 million at the Box Office.

2. IT

Ahead of the release of IT in early September, red balloons mysteriously appeared tied to drains around Sydney and Brisbane. Stephen King fans recognised the iconic red balloons as a tactic that the villain, Pennywise the clown, uses to lure children. Photos of the creepy marketing stunt soon exploded on Twitter. Experimental agency Mr Glasses came up with the striking idea, which was also low-budget.

You’ll float too…

3. Carrie

A remake of the classic horror movie hit cinema screens in 2013 – but not before marketing agency, Thinkmodo had a bit of fun. Hidden cameras captured the reactions of horrified customers in a coffee shop in Manhattan as they witnessed a “telekinetic event”. Remote controlled furniture and a talented stuntman all added to the illusion of a woman with the ability to move things with her mind.

4. Rings

Thinkmodo, the same agency behind the Carrie stunt, struck again in January of this year to promote the third movie in the Ring franchise. Hidden cameras were used once again to record the unsuspecting customers as Samara (played by the real actress Bonnie Morgan) emerges from the TV screen.

Thinkmodo were also the brains behind the Devil Baby prank ahead of the Devil’s Due film in 2014.

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