Press Releases Distribution | How To Be Zen

By Ruan Gormley

Press Releases Distribution | How To Be Zen

Here at MediaHQ, we see hundreds of press releases distributed through our system every week. The world of modern PR can be taxing and strenuous on even the most patient of professionals. Carrying out an effective PR strategy can be a tricky feat and this profession is not for lazy souls or the faint hearted.

If you are a PR professional, we’re guessing that you have a hectic and demanding schedule. So, with World Yoga Day only around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at different ways to help you learn to be zen when sending out press releases.

Do your research beforehand

Picture this. You have just written a killer press release. Your headline is captivating, your quotes are exclusive, your points are clear. You have even included a picture with a witty caption. You draft it, edit it, finalise it. You add a subject line and hit send. The email bounces. While this one may seem unlikely, you’d be surprised at the number of PR pros that fall down at the last hurdle.
When sending out press releases, one way to ensure you remain zen and relaxed is by doing your research beforehand. Avoid any last minute panic, bounced emails and unnecessary stress by having an up to date list of relevant journalists and their contact details. Make sure that you know exactly who you’re sending your press releases to and the prime time to do so.

Clip your content

Journalists see numerous press releases in any given week. They are busy people with strict schedules to adhere to. They will not waste their time trying to make sense of your long-winded, unorganised and ambiguous release. This can be frustrating for both parties, as your press release gets tossed aside along with your chances of making the news.
To avoid the frustration and disappointment, have a well structured release that  includes relevant information only. Not only will this help both parties to remain calm and zen during the process, it will increase your chances of gaining that all important media coverage.

Use MediaHQ

When offering ways to be zen when sending out press releases, we had to mention ourselves. We offer a range of features to save your time, inspire your press releases and help you to stay calm in the busy PR environment.  Our PR Software is a quick, easy and effective way to engage with the media and make the news. Not only do we offer a comprehensive press release distribution service and access to a media contacts database of over 6,000 media contacts, we have a dedicated research team that work hard to keep our contacts up to date so that you don’t have to.
We also offer a News Diary feature that can help you to to remain calm when sending out press releases. The News Diary is a content calendar and PR organising tool filled with dates of interest to the media. With over 200 story hook ideas from World Kissing Day to the Budget and the Grand National, this feature will maximise your time, beat your writer’s block and give you the competitive edge when it comes to using PR tools to maximise impact.

Not a MediaHQ user? Would you like access to the News Diary and all our other fantastic features including our incredible media contact database? Click here to sign up for a demo.



Ruan Gormley

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