6 reasons why every brand should have a blog


Blogging has now become a staple for any business worth their salt; a forum to discuss everything and anything related to your brand activity.

For all the naysayers who say brand blogging isn’t necessary, here are 6 reasons why we think it has become a prerequisite.

1. Authority

Business blogging is a very reputable way of becoming recognised as an authority on matters. Gathering respect for your blog develops a following and in turn, people will want to know what you have to say in order to develop their own opinion on matters. Though it’s not all about the prizes, blog awards such as the Blog Awards Ireland reward individuals and brands who have excelled in their writing field.

2. Authenticity

Running a regular blog is just another way of showing the business world that you are serious about what you do, and are earnest in representing your clients’ interests.

3. Web Traffic

Blogging is yet another invaluable way to drive traffic to your website. Generating a blog post means that it’s one more indexed page on your website. In other words, it means there’s a better chance of your page turning up in search engines. Not to mention having a healthy SEO, every blog post means one more shareable piece of content on social media.

4. Gathering Leads

Regular traffic coming to your website is very helpful when gathering leads and intel. With regular traffic you can devise strategies to attract likely customers. For example, blog posts/call-to-action posts can link back to special offers on your web page in which potential customers can fill in their details in return for a special offer.

5. Client Relationships

Building client relationships is essential to building a strong brand And, you guessed it, this can also be done through blogging. Clients love to be loved and mentioning them in posts is just one way to develop your relationships. Other ways to develop client relationships is to write features pieces or ask them to guest blog.

6. Sharing Opportunities

All of the above five reasons to blog can all be summed up into this one. Blogging is a great way to promote your brand. When you have become an authentic authority, and have built client relationships, there will be innumerable opportunities to share the content you create. By blogging the sharing opportunities are endless. You can share yourself, clients can share for you, other willing individuals can re-share and perhaps even reputable news organisations or business blogs will give you an honourable mention.

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