5 ways to plan your PR strategies

04.10.18 PR strategies

A PR strategy will help you organise your PR activities and make strategic decisions about the best ways to communicate.

It can also help you to use the stories in your business to draw in your target audience as well as increase your profile and build brand awareness.

Here are our five tips to help you plan your strategy:

  1. Before you begin, listen.

Traditional market research isn’t sufficient as the basis for a PR plan incorporating traditional and social media. What is the public saying about your brand? In order to get the strongest and most strategic plans in place, you need to investigate what customers are posting and tweeting about your brand to understand the public opinion of your brand.

  1. Define the role of your PR

An easy way to start planning is with a classic SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) of your current PR strategies. Your PR strategies should be incorporated into the more broad marketing plans so the communications coming from the company are in sync with one another.

  1. Are you going to bring in help?

Social media has created a new class of influencers. In many cases, they deliver more sway, both pro and con, and can reach a greater audience. However, are they going to be relevant to your audience? The old school PR philosophy was to rent a celebrity for a product launch event, today’s approach is more likely to involve building real relationships with lesser-known—but equally influential—bloggers or experts. Before planning your strategy, identify do you needed these added endorsements or not.

  1. Plan your detailed strategies into quarterly objectives

While it’s important for goals to be set for the year for the overall PR strategy, unexpected developments, a change in the business environment, or a competitive move can require fresh tactics. Quarterly objectives give a shorter term look at the goals of the company and can be adjusted to suit the needs at the time.

  1. Be flexible

It’s worth a separate point about the need for flexibility in PR. As digital and social media grow in influence, PR professionals and their clients must be flexible to avoid missing opportunities. It is important to be constantly monitoring changes and quickly adapting to such changes in influence etc.

These may come in the form of “newsjacking”, to tie your story to breaking news, trends or publicity topic.  Given the constantly changing news environment, being flexible is key.

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