5 ways to generate traffic to you content

By Muireann Beasley

Generating a regular flow of traffic to your company content can be tricky.

Here at MediaHQ.com,we have compiled a list of 5 key tips to help you see a rise in views:


1.  SEO Friendly

Make all your content SEO friendly. Search engines are an excellent opportunity for generating traffic. Many content creators shy away from search engine optimization, however, if you familiarise yourself with it, it will benefit your traffic levels greatly.

2. Promote on many platforms

When you’re promoting your content on the internet, your options are limitless. We have a mantra here at MediaHQ.combuild your blog in once place and share your blog in many’.  When it comes to promoting your content, don’t just stick to Facebook, share it on all available platforms including, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

3. Tags

When you have finished writing, tag your content with every appropriate tag available. No amount of tags is too many once they are relevant. Make sure that you have  included a unique meta description too.

4. Guest blogger

Every once and a while it may be worth approaching a famous blogger or a well known personality to write a guest blog for your company. A well known name on your blog could result in an increase of traffic.

5. Post Frequently

The more often you post content, the more likely you are develop a loyal audience. Make sure to write informative, good quality content and post it regularly. This will attract a natural flow of traffic to your work.


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Muireann Beasley

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