5 steps to building your own brand newsroom

24.03.16 brand newsroom

Yesterday, we told you why brands are hiring journalists—now we’re going to show you how to turn your brand into its own publishing powerhouse.

Here are five steps to building your own brand newsroom.

1. Hire the talent—or mine it

Branded content is back in vogue. It comes with an increased demand for information and quality content.

In order to generate meaningful stories, you’ve got to have a team of cracking storytellers with a nose for news and a sense of branding.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the luxury of hiring a batch of journalists, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your current PR team a shake-up.

Be really brave—create a new role as chief storytelling officer and make that individual responsible for keeping your brand narrative on track and on trend.

We can help you give your PR team a reboot with our bespoke storytelling packages. Find out more here.

2. Find your content sweet spot

Look for the crossover between what your brand wants to say and what interests your audience. All of your successful stories will generate from this sweet spot.

Look at your area of expertise, find an area of interest, then own it. Think about topics your team knows better than anybody else—anything can be made interesting if you find a way to make a good story out of it.

3. Connect creators with your sales team

Content does not necessarily have to create direct revenue, but aim to generate a sale or make some kind of connection with every story your brand newsroom shares.

Your content team should liaise with your sales team throughout the week. See what leads the sales team is trying to attract and generate content that will entice them to your brand.

4. Have a ton of ideas ready to go

At the beginning of each quarter, put together a host of story ideas that reflect your sales target for the period.

The walls of MediaHQ’s brand newsroom is covered in post-its with clear, concise headline ideas. That way, our team can peel one off the wall and knock out a 300-word post in the guts of an hour.

5. Look for openings

Syndication is big business now. Think about writing an op-ed on behalf of your company’s CEO and submit it to a Sunday paper. How about offering an insightful listicle to an industry magazine? Why not pitch a package to feature on a radio programme or podcast?

Your brand newsroom should act as a wire service between established media outlets and your organisation. If you can offer them quality content—not ad copy—they will gladly give you the publicity.

If you would like to find out how we can help you boost your brand through content, get in touch. Check out our bespoke offerings here. Or call Gaye for a chat on 01 254 1845.

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Conor – @conormcmahon