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5 social media apps your company should be using

By Cathal McCabe
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In the era of more traditional media platforms, the same brands remained dominant for decades, if not centuries. For example, The Times was established in 1785 and the BBC was founded in 1922, both of which remain behemoths of the media landscape to this day. However, in the new age of social media the popularity of a platform can be a lot more volatile. In the span of a few months, an app can rise to mass popularity, only to fall into obscurity soon after. Facebook and LinkedIn could be tomorrow’s Bebo, MySpace or Friendster.

To help your company adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape, we at MediaHQ have prepared our top five social media apps that your company should be using.

1) Medium

Created by Evan Williams, one of the founders of Twitter, Medium is an online publishing platform which is regularly regarded as a blog host. Where Medium provides a unique opportunity for businesses is how it creates a large overlap between personal and commercial blogging. This allows companies to access a large audience of potential customers if they create a popular blog. This can be an incredibly efficient method for companies to attract a new customer base, especially if you can utilise elements of native advertising.

2) Instagram

Instagram has been incredibly popular for years as a personal form of social media. However, it has also recently become a powerful space for business outreach. Many companies have spread awareness and sales through engaging with their Instagram users. It has developed as a business platform much in the same way that Facebook did, with posts and stories from your company seamlessly placing themselves between posts from users’ friends. Their addition of “shoppable posts” allow you to add the ability to “shop now” to anything your company publishes on Instagram. This has become an incredibly useful tool for retailers, as 72% of Instagram users admit to having purchased products through this function.

3) Snapchat

Similarly, although once seen as a messaging app for younger demographics, Snapchat has grown in commercial popularity over the years. Companies large and small, from Amazon to The Happy Pear, have developed successful Snapchat followings over the years, massively increasing their brand awareness. Their stories often follow high-profile members of the company around on their daily routine, exposing the many unique aspects of their brand. While this approach may not suit every corporate culture, Snapchat also provides a very useful custom story tool for corporate events, which has been shown to increase awareness and engagement. 

4) Fastory

Another recent feature of Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook has been releasing interactive stories with heavy blog elements. This has proven to be incredibly successful, especially for print media companies and TV stations. These can be articles, quizzes and interactive pictures, all presented in a handy mobile format. The issue is that these cannot be created through the platforms themselves, making the creation of them feel inaccessible to many businesses. Fastory is a cheap and easy-to-use tool which allows you to design professional looking interactive stories with great simplicity. This will enable you to access millions of new customers, and entice them to your brand with these impressive stories.

5) Hootsuite

If your company is running multiple active social media profiles, then Hootsuite may be for you. This app allows you to integrate your company’s social media releases so that posts can be synchronised across different platforms, streamlining your interaction with customers and lowering the amount of time you need to spend maintaining a strong social media presence. Apps such as Hootsuite, Loomly or Falcon can all make sure that adopting new forms of social media for your business, whatever they may be, doesn’t take up too much of your time.
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Cathal McCabe

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