5 rules for publishing a high-quality press release

22.04.19 In-house PR

When writing a press release, there is no point in putting anything and everything down on paper. For a press release to achieve the desired effect, you have to ensure that it contains high quality content. Creating a press release full of high quality content will prove more effective and leave a lasting impression on the reader.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your press release, check out MediaHQ’s five rules for publishing a high quality press release.

  1. It is all in the headline

The first thing a journalist will see when they open your press release is the headline. Before reading the press release, the headline is what will spark the interest of the journalist so you have to make it pop. Think of it as the appetiser to the main dish of the press release.

  1. Grab the attention of the reader

Now that you have the attention of the reader from the headline, you have to maintain that throughout. As many journalists have a short amount of time, you need to get your point across with the first sentence. Ensuring that your story gets told lies within the first sentence of a press release. A high quality lead  can set the scene for the entire document and keep the reader engaged throughout.

  1. Short and sweet

There is nothing more irritating than receiving a press release that is pages upon pages of words. Keep your press release short and to the point. One page is ideal, but two pages maximum if necessary. Anything more, and you have lost the interest of the reader and it will all be worthless. Quality over quantity is key when writing a press release, so keep it to one to two pages of high quality work that will effectively tell your story.

  1. Proof read

The last thing you want to see in a press release are grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Not only does it look messy and sloppy, but it is incredibly unprofessional. There is nothing more irritating than having to read through a press release disrupted because of grammatical and spelling errors. Proof reading is crucial in producing a high quality press release and presenting one that appears rushed and unprepared.

  1. Include numbers and quotes

While you may have a great press release, sometimes it is better to have an edge over your competitors. Numbers and quotes can add further credibility to your press release, which in turns elevates the quality of it. Furthermore, it makes your story far more compelling to the reader.

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