5 reasons to join a LinkedIn group


LinkedIn is by far the largest professional network in the world, boasting more than 390 million members. LinkedIn’s users, their professions and the topics they discuss are so diverse that joining a LinkedIn group can be a hugely beneficial learning experience.

Our own ever-growing LinkedIn group now has a whopping 1500 members and features weekly member updates. It also acts as a discussion forum for media related topics so make sure to sign up here. Just in case you needed any additional convincing, here are 5 reasons why joining a LinkedIn group could be right for you.


Making connections

LinkedIn groups are a great way of finding like-minded people who have similar professional interests. You can easily browse the group’s members to search for people it would be beneficial to connect with. It also means that you’ll be kept abreast of all industry news and potentially become part of a hiring pool.

Garnering advice

You could also use LinkedIn as a sounding board for any creative new ideas you may have, or to simply pose a question and kick-start a discussion. This will give you a chance to familiarise yourself with other professionals in your field and could potentially spark an interesting debate.

The right exposure

Just as you can pose questions, you can also answer any queries your fellow group members may have. This will give you ample opportunity to establish yourself as a leader in your field or in that chosen topic area and will earn you respect. This kind of exposure is great and could lead to collaborations with other professionals.

Lead generation

Another fantastic way of picking a LinkedIn group is to look for one that your target demographic visit frequently. By joining and keeping an eye on who is asking what questions, you could find many potential customers.


Maybe you’re looking to drive traffic back to your own blog? If so sharing curated, high quality content for your group to see, could be a great way to achieve this. Because LinkedIn groups are usually so focused in on specific topics, your fellow group members might even have a greater appreciation for your content.