5 Minutes with the Media – Niamh Webb O’Rourke, ‘Love Life’ Blog

04.04.18 Niamh Webb O'Rourke, Love Life blog

We’re joined by Niamh Webb O’Rourke on this week’s 5 Minutes with the Media.

Niamh runs the Love Life blog and has over 41k followers on Instagram. She’s done a MissyEmpire shoot in Manchester, gone to London to be one of the faces of the L’Oreal Colorista and was also the Irish blogger selected to go on a Primark trip to Disneyland Paris.


1. How long have you had your blog and why did you decide to start it? 

I have my blog over 3 years now and I started it to justify my shopping problem really and also for my love of English – so it was the perfect platform to start.

2. How do you describe your blog and your blogging style? 

Really easy going! I like to tell my readers a story with my posts so I don’t just post for the sake of it. I always tell people to embrace their true selves all the time so my blog and blogging style is all about being you!


3. How important are your social media accounts to you?

They are very important as they are what get your actual blog noticed and draw a large readership to your blog. Of course, Instagram is my favourite.

4. How did you find balancing work and your blog?

I find it such a challenge as I also work full time so trying to balance it all is a real struggle at times. Especially the bigger my blog gets the more demanding of time it is so hopefully one day I will find that happy balance.

5. How important do you feel it is for bloggers/influencers to be transparent in terms of what’s been paid for/sponsored? Do you have a process for doing this?

I think it is so important for bloggers/influencers to be 100% honest if they’re being paid or sponsored for work because their followers will see right through it if they are lying and it’s not fair to rave on about a product especially if they are being paid for it. If I am doing paid work I always tell my followers no matter how big or small the collaboration is – I think it is so important.

6. Have you anything exciting planned for your blog/life for 2018 that you would like to share? 

At the moment, not yet! I have a few fun things coming up in the Summer but I think 2018 is the year I figure out what I want to do with my life – work & blog related. I am also getting very itchy feet so travelling may be on the horizons. Time will tell.

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