5 Minutes With The Media – Nathan O’Reilly

22.05.19 Media

Here at MediaHQ, we run a series of short interviews with some of the country’s most talented media professionals. 

This week, we spoke to Nathan O’Reilly, Radio Presenter with Spin 1038.

What is your current role in Spin 1038 and what does it involve?

As I type this, I currently present the breakfast show on Spin1038. As you read this, I could be in the queue waiting for the dole. If the latter comes true I will remind the general public that I used to be someone on ‘Fully Charged with Graham and Nathan’. The show starts at 7.00am and finishes at 10.00am. In those 3 hours I just hang out with one of my best mate (Graham not my Mother) and shoot the breeze (that’s an expression, I don’t whip out a gun and start shooting at the wind).

How did you end up in your role as co-presenter of Fully Charged on Spin1038 alongside Graham?

Many will think that I met Graham on Tinder, others will claim that he flashed his lights at me in the car park of Killiney Hill at 3.00am, but the truth is that I met him in college. We studied Film and Broadcasting in DIT. I never wanted to do radio. I’m not going to say Graham forced me into a radio studio but he certainly tied me to a chair inside the studio for a few days and left me there without food or water until I agreed to pursue this radio career.

We did a podcast together with our mate Deb. We then did a show together on a digital station called FRQ, from there we got our own Sunday evening show on Spin1038 (10.45pm- 12.45am), moved to doing 5 nights on ‘The Zoo Crew’ (6.45pm- 8.45pm) and then made the morning leap. Some will think our rise in the rankings at Spin is a result of many brown envelopes, I’d like to reply by saying “No Comment”, while passing a brown envelope to the person who is raising those concerns.  

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 16.31.44

How do your experiences in the industry so far compare to the expectations you had while in college?

As a confused and insecure broadcaster might say, “I never had expectations going into this career”. But to try and pad out this answer – I suppose when you’re in college the idea of lawsuits or listenership figures (JNLRs) would never cross your mind. You become aware that at the end of the day, radio is a business and if the station isn’t making money from your show then you’re going to face problems. I try to not think about this by banging my head against a wall so I’ll experience memory loss.

What are the best and worst parts of presenting a breakfast show?

The best part is the rare occasion that you’re recognised on the street from being the guy that sounds like an awkward ‘Kermit The Frog’. Not to sound like I’m delivering a speech at a beauty pageant but I’m struggling to think of a worst part. I suppose having to wake up early on a cold winters morning.

On the ‘In Conversation With’ podcast recently, you mentioned that you chose to do Film and Broadcasting over a degree in Business and German. What made you choose media?

Growing up I never knew what I wanted to do. My mother wanted me to study Business and Chinese because she said that’s where the future is going to be and that I would be sorted financially but I’m convinced that she just wanted me to leave the country. I chose Film and Broadcasting as I was recommended it by a guidance counsellor, and it seemed very broad. If those aren’t two good reasons why you should do a 4-year course than I don’t know what is.  

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What are your next set of career goals?

I just want to continue working on radio and maybe dip my hairy toe into the TV world. Who knows what will happen in the future? If I’m being completely honest I just want One Direction to reform and then anything else is just a bonus.

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