5 of the Best Irish Business Blogs


At MediaHQ.com we are blogging advocates, we know a cracking piece of content can lead to some serious business success.

We believe that everyone should be getting in on this blogging business. There are some great Irish companies already blogging up a storm, here are five of our favourites:

Mick’s Garage 

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The guys at Mick’s Garage know their stuff when it comes to car parts but they can teach us all a thing or two about blogging also. They write about motoring tips, DIY advice, general trends in the motor industry and also offer videos and tutorials. They don’t use their blog to boldly promote their products but instead bring their position as industry experts to the fore. There is a nice use of imagery and they link to all their social accounts. Readers could be anyone from motorsport nuts to fairly clueless individuals just wondering what is going on with the price of fuel.  Take a look at Mick’s blog, and more importantly, take note.


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Taxes are alien to most of us, they can send a chill down our spines and keep some of us up at night, while others tend to block them out and pretend they don’t exist. This is where Taxback.com is your long lost friend. The blog focuses on tax, travel and money saving tips. A topic that scares most if us broken down and explained in simple language. They also throw in a few friendly infographics which are a pleasure to read. The blog also supplies kay tax dates in countries across the globe. We’re sorry to say you can no longer plead ignorance to understanding taxes.

Cocoa Brown

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This product is the brain child of business woman Marissa Carter and has taken the world by storm. Stocked in Penney’s and worn by the Kardashian Klan (She’s on to a winner among youngsters already) her products are sold in over 5,000 stores worldwide. The blog is pretty in pink and perfect for her target audience with video tutorials, tanning tips and celebrity endorsements. This is a great example of a blog that is product focussed but not obnoxious. They keep it light with lots of visual aids and fun collages. This is a top example of a lifestyle brand showing what they know, understanding their audience and most importantly promoting their product.

Carphone Warehouse

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The Carphone Warehouse blog is modern and innovative which reflects the brand itself. It gives a great mix of reviews, trending news, and ‘how to’s’. This blog is the holy grail for tech-heads, they elaborate and discuss rumours in the tech industry, which is mostly always Apple. They compare and review different products and are generally un-biased as they sell them all. They also explain handy little tricks that make your day that bit easier, such as topping up your leap card using your phone. They strike a perfect balance between promoting their products, to providing information and tagging in to current trends.

Eight Degrees Brewing

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Eight Degrees branding is fairy rustic and no-frills, and their blog reflects this. There’s no luxe imagery or fancy graphics just words, great words. Their blog posts are wonderfully detailed, descriptions like this would send the loyalist pioneer running to the pub: “Flavour: Think The Full Irish, dialed up to 11. Lots of luscious tropical fruit, especially that deep mango flavour, nicely balanced with pine and orange pith. Lots of spicy tingle to temper the full-bodied richness.”

The blog promotes their products, and raises awareness of events and tastings they are involved in while also informs craft beer connoisseurs of flavours and trends. This blog shows that frills are not always needed, words alone can wow.

We hope this shows that there’s a range of options when it comes to a business blog, even the more bland topics can excite readers and simple, wordy posts can go a long way.

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