5 journalists making it big in Europe

09.05.19 Europe

Whether it is national stories or international politics, journalists all across Europe are making waves in the media. From Brexit to the migrant crisis, these are the stories that are gripping the world. But what about the journalists breaking the stories and making a name for themselves?

Here is a look at five journalists who are making it big in Europe.

  1. Tony Connelly

A name that has become synonymous in European media, Tony Connelly is one of the headliners of Irish journalists in Europe. The European Editor for RTE News and Current Affairs, leading stores in Europe since 2011. Connelly has become the face of RTE News and Current Affairs for all leading stories in Europe, especially with regard to his coverage on Brexit.

  1. Gavan Reilly

Political correspondent for Virgin Media One as well as presenter on Newstalk. Gavan Reilly has been at the forefront of all political and current affairs stories. Having stood in for Matt Cooper on The Tonight Show on Virgin Media, Reilly is becoming a recognised name throughout Ireland and Europe. He was also listed as one of Ireland’s most influential Twitter accounts by the Murray Tweet Index.

  1. Fatima Manji

Channel 4 reporter Fatima Manji from the United Kingdom is becoming well known throughout the European media. Originally focusing on national stories in the UK, it was her coverage on the migration crisis at European borders that saw her gain traction. Manji’s reporting has won her a number of awards in journalism over the past number of years.

  1. Chris Mason

A political correspondent for BBC, Chris Mason is a well-respected journalist in the media. Mason has reported on a variety of stories on national and international politics or current affairs. The BBC political correspondent first made waves in Europe for his comments on the current Brexit negotiations. Mason was praised for his refreshing analysis on the entire process all across Europe.

  1. Ellen Coyne

Senior reporter at the Times Edition Ireland, Ellen Coyne has been at the forefront of many groundbreaking investigative reports both in Ireland and Europe. She has written stories such as regarding the 8th amendment and the National Maternity hospital as well the status of refugee women in Ireland. Coyne has been at the forefront of these investigative reports.

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