5 Irish journalists who have made it abroad

13.03.19 journalists

From London to Sydney and everywhere in between, the Irish diaspora is one that is found worldwide. This list of notable journalists who set off on pursuing a successful career for themselves has proved us here at home proud to be Irish. They have helped us gain an insight into their experiences in the journalistic world beyond Ireland.

Here we have compiled a list of five well known Irish journalists who have fulfilled their potential outside of our Emerald Isle:

Craig Doyle

Known to us as an Irish television and radio presenter, in Britain Doyle is recognised as an established broadcaster having worked with BBC, ITV and most recently BT Sports. After graduating with a diploma in broadcast journalism from the London College of Printing, he worked with the local radio station BBC Radio Suffolk based in Ipswich before working with ITV. Craig was head hunted by the producer of ITV after bumping into him by chance at Alton Towers, from here he went on to host the famous children’s show Disney Club in 1994.

After moving to London, Craig’s success skyrocketed as he continued to present shows such as Tomorrow’s World, Fasten Your Seatbelt and Innovation Nation to name a few. He went on to present BBC One’s Holiday for a whole six years before leaving the post. Alongside television, Craig is acclaimed in the world of radio as he presented London Capital Radio’s live music show every Saturday from 8-11 in the morning, leaving the show in 2008. In 2004, Craig became a valued member of the BBC Sports team broadcasting rugby worldwide including the Six Nations Championship. After leaving the BBC, Doyle joined the team at ITV Sport during February of 2008 where he held the responsibility of presenting the UEFA Champions League.

To add to his sports reporting, Doyle joined BT Sport in January of 2012 as a reporter covering rugby. Having created a successful life for himself in Britain, Doyle did not forget his Irish heritage when he returned to Irish television hosting his very own talk show Tonight with Craig Doyle on RTÉ One.


Donal MacIntyre

Donal is a well-known Irish investigative journalist specialising in undercover work and televised revelations. He set out on his quest as an international journalist when he began writing investigative articles for The Guardian, The Daily Mail and The Sunday Express to name a few. His career in television began when he was appointed presenter of the BBC in 1995 and continued up until 2005. He presented the sports show On the Line, it was here Donal developed his own distinctive reporting manner. He even had his own investigative series on the BBC which set him on the course towards making a documentary.

In 2007, he directed the Sundance Film Festival premiered A Very British Gangster honing in on the life of Dominic Noonan, a Manchester-based gangster and hitman. Although he specializes in investigative journalism, he has directed documentaries on wildlife and other topics on television channels like BBC and Channel 4 as well as in cinemas. Additionally, Donal has been a creative director for Dare Films since January of 2004 having directed public health commercials as well as further documentaries

In addition to directing, Donal shortly presented ITV’s local news show London Tonight in 2010 from which he departed after a short 6 months. Since 2008, Donal has gone on to present his own weekly radio show with BBC 5 Live and regularly writes for the Sunday World, maintaining his Irish roots.

Joe Lynam

A business correspondent, an award-winning broadcaster and Irish born! Joe Lynam is certainly skilled in the world of media having started out in 2000 as a reporter for tech TV as well as Today FM while maintaining his freelance work for various newspapers such as the Irish Independent, Business & Finance magazine as well as the Sunday Tribune. Joe’s 17-year career as a business presenter and correspondent took off in 2001 when he joined the BBC as a broadcaster. He worked for the BBC’s major outlets as well as Newsnight. He presented the Today programme on Radio 4, the BBC Breakfast on BBC1 in addition to the BBC World Service’s programme The World Today.

Joe was the first journalist to broadcast fraud being carried out in real time over the phone. He has also been widely accredited with breaking the news that Ireland was in talks with the EU to get a bailout loan. Joe’s great deal of experience within the media industry has stood to his career and even won him awards. He was shortlisted for ‘Broadcaster of the Year 2010’ by HeadlineMoney.co.uk and shortly after won the Wincott award in 2016 for his investigations into cyber fraud.

Orla Guerin

Guerin joined the BBC in 1995 as a correspondent. Up until 2000, she reported from Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, the Basque region of Spain as well as Moscow. The ten years following this she began to move around as a correspondent being based in Jerusalem during 2001, Johannesburg in Africa 2006 and finally Islamabad, Pakistan. In 2018 following these busy years, Orla published her own investigation report titled “The Shadow over Egypt” describing the unusual disappearances of Egyptian Nationals. She still holds her position as an International correspondent for the BBC. Following her positioning in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, she was moved to Istanbul where she is currently based. She is also an award-winning broadcaster having earned the title ‘Broadcaster of the Year’ in 2005 for her services to the BBC.

Vicky Taylor

An up and coming journalist, Vicky’s young vibrant nature adds to her prospects in the media world. Though she is a creative producer, her experience in news, sport, chat shows and entertainment prove her skills in other areas. Having completed her MCA in International Journalism in 2010, she joined the team at RTÉ as a television researcher where she was involved in the production of The Consumer Show, Daytime Television and Four Live. In 2012 she worked in London as a Sports researcher for the Olympic and Paralympic games for a short 6 months. In September of 2012, she joined the team at the Graham Norton Show as a researcher. Having left this post for a month to pursue an internship as an input producer for ITV, she returned to the show during September of 2014, this time as an assistant producer and currently holds the role of producer for the show.

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