5 great Irish in-house PR teams


We are rich in PR and Communications talent in Ireland. However, sometimes in-house professionals can be overlooked as their agency counterparts get all the attention and recognition.

We take a look at some of the Ireland’s best in-house PR teams currently creating engaging campaigns and working their way to the top.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power are known for their PR stunts, some have been a little controversial – such as the money-back guarantee if Oscar Pistorious walked from his charges. However, other stunts have really resonated with the public. They recently posted an image implying they had cut down trees in the Amazon which caused uproar initially. But in reality it was a campaign which was months in the making – to raise awareness about deforestation. You can read the Paddy Power blog about it here. 

Paddy Power have an active PR team with press releases and social media releases being sent numerous times a day. They are imaginative, clever and know their audience inside out. They are also kings and queens of social media.


Eir (née Eircom) has recently undergone an image over-haul. The €16m rebrand coincided with a lengthy PR campaign. The Eir in-house Communications department teamed up with Fleishman to create and execute the campaign that has been nominated for a European PR Excellence Award.

It just shows that great things can happen when PR professionals from across the spectrum put their heads together.

The Eir in-house team is top class when it comes to informing customers about developments within the company, such as new positions and acquisitions and also their service upgrades, such as broadband improvements in rural areas.

Dublin Airport Authority

Like Paddy Power, the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) also uses MediaHQ.com to distribute their press releases, so we have learned a lot from the Authority.

The DAA does a great job of targeting all of its customers, which are quite wide-ranging, considering the amount of visitors to the airport. The DAA is very active, sending numerous releases a week, sometimes to inform the media of press conferences, other times announcing new routes and of late, proudly declaring record passenger numbers in Dublin.

On Twitter, the DAA strikes a great balance between promoting tourism in Ireland and abroad, while also and informing travellers of delays or issues at the airport.

ESB/Electric Ireland 

The ESB has had a tough job lately with the flooding crisis. Many of their press releases have begun with ‘Flow of water downstream from Parteen Weir to increase/remain …’ or ‘Network outage ….’ Consistently issuing releases with not-so-favourable information is no easy task. However, the ESB knows that it must be done to keep customers informed, whatever the news.

EM is ESB’s staff newspaper which is published bi-monthly, featuring contributing journalists, and it is one of the main mediums of internal communication. The ESB uses Twitter really well for dealing with customers’ issues and promoting the brand through campaigns and competitions.

Electric Ireland also uses Twitter well for communication with customers, and tends to have a lighter side to its social media and releases. It also shares DIY and home decor tips, which tie-in nicely with the service.

Guinness Storehouse 

The Guinness Storehouse has its own separate media relations team to Diageo, which allows them to have their own voice. The team issues releases about the Storehouse itself, about tourism and food and drink. The Guinness Storehouse also uses the MediaHQ.com system for issuing press releases.

Anyone who has visited the Storehouse knows how visual and engaging it is and the PR team uses this to its advantage. Its social media is full of original photographs and videos from the centre itself, and it also shares visitor content using #storehousestory.

We know there are many great in-house PR teams here in Ireland. This is just a selection of the amazing teams that we can all learn a thing or two from watching.

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