5 Corporate Blogs to Inspire You

By Lisa Collins


The key to any great brand is story telling. Connecting with your audience. Forming a community. Forget about the age of the website, everyone has one. Now we have entered the age of the blog. It is here where stories are told and an online presense is carved. Here are five inspiring examples. 

  1. Coca Cola Unbottled

Filled with entertaining, and inspiring content, the soft drink company have designed a blog which is sure to quench the readers’ thirst (pun intended).  However what the blog really achieves in doing is creating a brand surrounded by storytelling. It takes the reader on a journey through the current events, news and social issues which Coca Cola is contributing to for the greater good.  The creative content each day draws the reader in and makes them feel part of the Coca Cola Happiness journey.    Put simply, it sparks a conversation between the corporation and the millions of consumers around the world through one simple yet effective platform.

2. Whole Foods-The Whole Story

Whole Foods is the world’s leading natural and organic grocer. Yet their brand and ethos is more than just supplying the world with healthy food, it is also about creating a community of health educated people. Their blog helps them start this conversation and indeed create this community. What makes this blog work is not only its clever design but also its use of daily healthy dishes and blogs featuring nutritional advice on various organic products, health tips, the profiles of vendors and even where the products are grown. For foodies or even the health conscious this blog is a real treat.

3. Starbucks 1912 Pike

Possibly one of the most instagrammed coffee chains in the world, Starbucks have returned to this roots with this blog, centred around people who love coffee and what it is all about.  The “story” starts at 1912 Pike, in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market,when Starbucks opened its first coffee shop.  The conceopt of the coffee shop was to teach Customers learned something new about their favorite coffee, or  even give them something  new new to try. Inkeeping with  that spirit, Starbucks has launched 1912 Pike, a blog dedicated to connecting with customers and sharing useful information about all things coffee – from the growers to the baristas, how it’s best enjoyed, what it means to our planet and even some useful recipes

4. General Electric GE reports

For the adrenaline junkies and the technologically curious of us out there, this blog will seriously whet the appeitite. GE Reports is a daily news, video and social media hub covering GE’s transformation into the world’s largest digital industrial company. The content is both interesting, exciting and also diverse, yet all centred around what General Electric does best; innovation and digital transformation.  Yet what makes this blog interesting is that they also use external voices outside the brand to create a greater community, bringing unique opinion and discussion to the story of General Electric.  This blog, inkeeping with the brand itself, is innovative, futuristic and even for those of us who know nothing about electrics,  give it a look but be warned, you may end up hooked.

5. Adobe- Adobe Creative Cloud

Every marketing person digital or otherwise needs to follow this blog. The visuals and layout of this blog are seamless,  making it very easy to navigate and attractive to the eye. Yet aesthetics aside, what makes a blog work is the content and Adobe has buckets of it, all of which has a purpose-Connecting with the customer. Adobe has been working over the past three years in Cloud computing, providing tools and services to how creatives work across desktops and devices. The blog brings this vision to life. It communicates their message and gets people on board through that same vision. People feel like they are buying more then just a product. They are actually buying in to something much more.  Even for the technologically disadvantaged amongst us, this blog is actually simplistic and easy to follow in its use of techy terms and how to instructions. Adobe set out to bring their vision to the orindary amongst us, not just the creative digital marketer and I think they have done a damn good job.



Lisa Collins

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