4 ways to get more shares on Facebook


Facebook shares are the best way to promote your page and increase your audience.

Facebook users share posts and pictures that are insighful, useful and humorous.Once one user shares a post you are sure to have their friends sharing too.

So how do you increase your shares?

1. Words: The type of words you use in a post will correlate to how many shares you get.

Least shared words; some words will result in less shares then others. Page owners must remember that Facebook is mainstream, so no business or technical jargon. Studies show that the least shareable words are “vs”, “apps” and “review”. While some people might find these interesting, the masses are not likely to share as they are too specific

Most shared words; some words will actually result in shares. Facebook readers will share things that effect them and their friends so “you” is an extremely sharable word on Facebook. Users also like to share relevent topics and stories, anything from political news stories to celebrity gossip will get shares on Facebook as long as it is relevant and to your users tastes. Another shareable word on Facebook is “says”, which means that quotes are highly shareable as long as it is from a high profile person.

2. Digits: People love numbers, posts with digits are almost twice as likely to get shared. Posts such as “3 simple ways to get more shares” are actually more likely to get more shares! If you can put a digit in the Facebook then do. It is short, snappy and of interest to facebook users all key ingredients when boosting Facebook shares.

3. Positivity pays off: Although there is an abundance of negative stories in the media every day, people use Facebook to socialise and feel good about themselves, not depress themselves. If Facebook users get a feel good factor from a post they will be more likely to share it. Of course sometimes you will have to post some negative or serious status’ but try to end it on an upbeat or hopeful note.

4. Educate users: Educational information also tends to get shared on facebook, if a user finds a post useful or educational they will more then likely share it to pass on the knowledge to Facebook friends. If you state from the outset that the post is something they need to know, it is guaranteed to attract attention and shares.

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