4 ways to make your "boring" content sing


Let’s face it, not every company can have a product that instantly inspires the masses with the mere mention of its name, or from a glimpse of it on the shelf. Many companies produce incredibly essential and innovative products that may seem “boring” upon first glance. There have always been great ideas that needed to be displayed in a different light in order to be fully appreciated. For example, the famous Beatles song Twist and Shout had actually been released unsuccessfully three years earlier by a group called The Top Notes. While having the same musical ideas, it took a different style of performing for those ideas to become a roaring success.

Here at MediaHQ, we believe the exact same thing applies to business. A good idea needs to be displayed in an enticing way for it to thrive. With that in mind, here are our four ways that you can make this “boring” content sing, and sing well.

1) Get a unique selling point

Every great artist has their niche, their one thing that they can do better than anyone else. Pavarotti had his high Cs, Bob Dylan had his poetic lyrics and the Backstreet Boys had their frosted tips. In business, these niches are called USPs and are crucial to the success of your company. If you can’t distinguish yourself from your opposition, then why should someone buy from you rather than them? In the world of smartphones for example, Apple have made their user experience (UX) their USP, while Android have made accessibility and price theirs. As a result, two companies, which offer incredibly similar products, have managed to carve out a safe slice of the marketplace for themselves.

2) Avoid being overly technical

It’s heart-warming to see companies getting passionate about the intricate details of their products. However, as a marketing strategy it can often be off-putting for customers to be hit with a lot of detail. They fear that if you’re telling them this information, will they be expected to know it in order to use your product? The best products are those which are complicated to make, but simple to use. It may take an artist years to craft the perfect piece of music, but it should only take you the length of the song to enjoy it, rather than having to endure a lecture on the harmonies and chords involved in order to be impressed.

3) Make the reader participate

Educators around the world have realised that larger class sizes are less effective because lessons turn into one-way conversations. Students learn more effectively when there is an interactive element to their education. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to convey information to your customers, try to get them involved. If you’re in a pitch meeting, ask for an assistant from the audience in your presentation. If you’re writing a blog about your product, add in a poll to see what part of the product they are most interested in.

4) Tell a story

For all of human history, people have loved to tell stories as a way to catch people’s attention. Brands with interesting backstories tend to generate a much more loyal following. Marketing and PR experts have realised this, and entire companies, such as our sister company All Good Tales, have sprung up in pursuit of helping companies explore their own personal story. If you can give your brand a compelling story, potential customers will struggle to ever call your content “boring”.
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