3 ways that podcasts are great for your business

By MediaHQ

Podcasting is an interesting form of content production. It’s innovative and will engage audience members far more than a piece of text.

So if you’re thinking about creating a new podcast below are 3 advantages;

1. Easier; podcasting is both easier for you and your audience. Podcasts are simple and straight forward to create, it can all be done from your smart phone! It is also a whole lot easier then video, particularly if your not comfortable on camera, as that can hurt your reputation. Podcasts are also far easier for audience members, they literally don’t have to do anything just sit back and listen or even listen away as they are carrying out their daily routines.

2. Personal; podcasts are a lot more personal than a piece of text. Audiences and consumers will feel as if they know you after listening to your voice. They will also trust you and your brand a lot more too after hearing a podcast. Podcasts are a great way to develop a relationship with your consumers.


3. Unique; podcasts are a sure way to set you apart from the crowd, so if you want to crush your competition, go with podcasts- they’re different, easy and personal. More importantly it can all be done from your smart phone, from recording to editing to sharing, why not give it a go.





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