3 unconventional tips for nailing that PR job interview

29.01.16 pr job, interview tips, unconventional

One of MediaHQ.com’s most popular posts this week listed the PR and communications jobs that are currently available in Ireland, so we decided to help out the applicants that manage to secure themselves a job interview.

We all know that you’re supposed to show up on time, offer the interviewer a hearty handshake and brush up on your knowledge of the company, so here are three extra tips that will give you a better chance of securing your dream PR job:

Write a post for the company blog

If you really want to show some initiative and separate yourself from the competition, why not draft a post for the company’s blog? If you choose a relevant topic, it will demonstrate your knowledge of what is important to the company and it will give you something palatable to show your creative side.

Read up on some of the blogging tips on MediaHQ.com and learn why every brand should have a blog.

Learn how a blog can help you generate media opportunities for your organisation at MediaHQ.com’s upcoming event.

If you’re not on Twitter, get on Twitter

If you don’t own a Twitter account, how can you be expected to manage social media accounts for a company?

A strong Twitter profile reflects your interests and demonstrates your abilities to communicate concise messages.

Make sure your LinkedIn account is up to scratch as well. Check out MediaHQ.com’s five reasons you should join a LinkedIn group.

Prep for curveball questions

You are likely to get asked some outlandish questions if you are being interviewed for the communications industry. This is your chance to demonstrate your passions and flex your creative muscles.

Let your imagination run wild — within reason of course. A dash of humour will go a long way, but avoid saying anything offensive.

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Conor – @conormcmahon