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3 tips for optimising your PR deliverability

By Conor Shields
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You’ve written it. You’ve had it proof-read. You’re now ready to send out your press release to your staggering media list. But are you confident that all of these journalists are going to even receive your email, never mind read it? Do you have enough of a connection to be sure?

Press releases are useless unless they are being received and opened by those you send it to. So what can you do to ensure that they are? Well, we here at MediaHQ understand that PR is ever changing and sometimes you need to borrow some tips and techniques from different sectors.

We like to approach the distribution of press releases through the eyes of a marketing executive. Marketers are experts in email delivery and how to increase the open rate of an email campaign, and that’s what press release distribution is, just a big email campaign.

So what can you do to help get more journalists reading your emails?

Increase your delivery rate

According to research, nearly 20% of emails sent by marketers never make it to the recipient. This is either from firewalls or bounced email addresses.

These same reasons could explain why a number of your intended recipients never receive your press release. So what can you do to solve this?

One thing you can do is get in contact with a journalist and get them to add you to their contact list. This will increase the chances of them opening your future emails.

Another thing you can do is to regularly clean up and update your media lists. As we all know, the media industry is constantly shifting about with journalists leaving the industry or getting promotions. Keeping your media list up to date can help make sure you’re maximising your potential open rate

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Optimise your emails

Some roving reporters spend little to no time at their desktops and rely on their mobile to read and send emails. So if you send an email which has content that is not properly optimised for mobile, it’s more than likely that your email will be promptly trashed. Make sure that you only send what is necessary and if you need to send multimedia content, ensure that it is formatted properly for mobile use.

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Timing is key

The time you send out your release is crucial. If you’re logging on and sending just before bed, expect your story to be buried under a pile of morning releases.

Just like with marketing campaigns, you need to time your releases carefully. You need to take into consideration what each publication or programme’s editorial deadlines are and schedule your release to suit them, not you.

For national newspapers, these times can vary. However, research conducted by MailChimp shows that readers (journalists are readers too) tend to read more emails after 12pm. Research also shows that the open rate for emails sent 24 hours previous tends to drop considerably, so maybe getting on the phone before then might be a good idea!

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MediaHQ understand the importance of optimal email delivery. Our tech team are constantly monitoring the bounces we receive on contacts in our database of 6,500 journalists. Want to know more? Click here or give Gaye a call at 01 254 1845




Conor Shields

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