3 tips to give your PR tactics a spring clean

08.04.19 PR Spring Clean

The winter clouds have parted, the sun has started reappearing again, daffodils are in full bloom and the breeze is crisp. This can only mean one thing, spring has officially sprung. This brighter change in season can be really motivating, making it the perfect time of year to get organising and decluttering especially when it comes to your PR tactics. This can give you the opportunity to review what strategies have or have not been working so far and consequently leave room for re-evaluating any necessary changes.

Here at MediaHQ we recognise the value and importance of effective PR tactics, so if you’re looking to spring clean, we have three key tips to guide you along.

Review Key Messages

This is a good time to see if your company is communicating the right message  to the target audience. This is particularly important if the company has recently experienced any rebranding. Remember that your key message is the main point of information that you want your target audience to hear and in turn it is how you enhance and build a trusting relationship with them. For this reason, key messages are an essential component in the cogs of any company so it is worth taking the time to examine and update any changes.

Media Matters

Analysing the company’s media coverage can also be a great way to see what tactics need refreshing. A few questions to ask would be: Are you reaching your target audience in the publications your covering? What is the average number of media coverage pieces you gain a month? Can this be increased and if so how can this be achieved?

Additionally, examine what social media platforms specifically reach your target audience and focus your time and energy on improving and maintaining the social media presence that works. Conducting demographic research will show what platform is worth investing the time in.

The current fast paced landscape of the media also means that journalist’s roles and contact details often change. Updating your media list is essential so as the appropriate journalists can be contacted.

Pitch Perfect

Reviewing who your pitching to and the style in how you do it can hugely influence who you’re reaching. If you’ve analysed your media coverage and realised that you’re constantly pitching to the same publications there may be a good chance you are missing out on reaching and connecting with more of your target audience. There are so many media publications and blogs being created that is important to cast a wider net to see what else is out there. By doing your research, you will have a clearer idea of how to tailor your pitch so that it will resonate with a definitive audience. This will align to your business objectives and brand voice.

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