3 things journalists want to see in your pitch

By Alex Sheehan

Pitching to journalists is not an easy task, they are busy creatures, with heads full of ideas and on tight deadlines.

Make sure your press release stands out from the crowd and help it get noticed among the clutter in their inbox. These three tips can help do just that:


Be willing to collaborate with the journalist or editor rather than just pitching a concrete story with no room for maneuver. Do they prefer just plain text when writing a story or would visuals and infographics suit their needs better? This willingness to collaborate and work with their preferences will go a long way with building relationships with journalists.

Offer Exclusivity 

Does your press release contain the same information as five other releases also sent out that day? Exclusive information will attract the journalists’ attention and encourage them to pick up your story. Extensive research is the most effect method to uncover exclusive material. This exclusivity should also be highlighted in the email to ensure it is noticed.

Concise and Timely

Your press release should be concise, preferably no more than a page with your main points highlighted. The headline should also be be attention grabbing to make sure they want to read more. If an event is coming up, give at least 2 weeks notice. Unless it’s a breaking story or a big event, it’s very journalist will have the time to turn up for an event if they were invited on the day. Time your press releases well, most people check their emails first thing in the morning.

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Alex Sheehan

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