3 tactics for a killer digital PR plan

28.02.19 Public relations tools

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We’ve just discussed the importance of traditional media relations, but that doesn’t mean digital PR should be ignored. The best PR pros are the people who seamlessly integrate both traditional methods and digital PR to gain the most exposure for a client.

When carried out correctly, digital PR is a great way of boosting brand awareness, increasing online visibility and directly engaging with your target audience.

Here are three tactics that should be included for a killer digital PR plan:

Tell a story

In the digital realm where everybody is competing for attention, storytelling allows you to cut through the noise of in your face advertisements. Images, videos and infographics are great for creating easily digestible stories that will engage an audience and make your brand resonate.

Shareability is also critically important to ensure your story gets in front of as many eyes as possible.

Embrace user-generated content 

User-generated content is a great way to measure the quality of a brand product/service, as paying customers will generate honest reviews.

User-generated content is a great way of showcasing your reputation. Running competitions and getting your audience involved in creating content focused on your product/service will also do wonders for your brand awareness.


We’ve previously written about newsjacking on a number of occasions and the tactic shouldn’t go ignored.

Newsjacking is the process of leveraging breaking news to generate awareness for your brand. It would be a mistake not to piggyback on a topic that the media is already focused on if you can provide commentary or a spokesperson as a relevant voice.

It is worth noting that you only use this tactic when the news benefits your clients/consumers. Avoid taking advantage of sensitive topics (e.g. natural disasters, controversial issues, etc.) to gain public attention. You would not want this to backfire.

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