3 steps to improve brand awareness


ChapStick, Hoover, JetSki, Speedo, Aspirin, Kleenex. These are all examples of brands that own the market. Due to the popularity of these proprietary labels, they have become the generic name used synonymously with a general class product. These companies have invested time and effort into their branding strategies making them top of the market. Not all of these ideas are brilliantly unique but have employed a successful method of advertising which lead to their prosperity in the brand world.

We have all witnessed those brands that seem to appear from nowhere becoming overnight successes, but do you ever wonder how this is possible? How are they everywhere all of a sudden? Some companies have a top-notch idea that summons success itself, some could simply employ a good method of pursuing their ideas, while others have a solid PR and marketing strategy to get their brand in front of as many eyes as possible. Here at MediaHQ, we have outlined 3 steps to improve your brand awareness.


Partnering with another brand can lend your company a hand and scale its growth hugely over time. Soon your business will assume your partner’s reputation and success rates in the public eye. Their advertising of your business alliance will catch the attention of both companies’ audience and in turn increase interest in both brands. One by one, this will generate a positive word of mouth from the customers of both businesses.

Getting involved with local-oriented businesses, sponsoring sports teams and donating to charity are some sure-fire ways to build your brand awareness. Investing in local niche companies will certainly get the public talking in your favour. Drawing in the attention of bystanders is a reliable way to build your brand’s profile in society. Sponsoring events and having your brand name advertised around festivals will catch the eye of onlookers and act as an infallible strategy for your companies brand building.


Building your social media presence

Nowadays businesses have an intricate web of social media platforms from which they can choose to advertise their brand. Online presence is a must have when running a business, successful or otherwise. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, even Pinterest, these all serve as a powerful means to promote your brand and increase growth. Choosing the right social media platform to focus your company’s energy and sharing the correct content to your followers is a crucial part of business planning.

Keeping your social media content up to date and relevant to your audience will draw in more people of interest leading to further development of your company. Holding contests on these platforms will publicise your brand, even more, when contestants share links online to win prizes. These platforms serve as a means of reaching out and interacting with the community as well as answering any possible queries they may have about your brand. Speaking directly to your followers through sharing results and publishing news will increase the world’s awareness of and interest in your brand. Keeping your social media marketing active will serve as a miracle for building your brand’s awareness.

If your particular business invites a niche network of people don’t be afraid to invest more time and effort into their interest. Smaller businesses with niche products can really hit it off on Instagram and more creative platforms such as Pinterest. All social media platforms have the power to influence your company, whether positively or not depends on the content you release. The quality of the material you release out into the world has a great impact on people and should be thought through as much as any other aspect of the company.



Along with social media platforms, blogging is an online presence that can influence your company’s success rates and promote your branding even more. Blogging is a powerful tool to get your name out into the industry when publishing high-quality content and interesting information about your business. Inviting guest writers to contribute to your platform is a pursuit well worth investing in as it can help your business stand out from the swarm of companies who are also trying to catch society’s attention. These guest writers have the potential to spark people’s inquisitive nature when seen writing for a business blog. Interviewing industry experts is another aspect to include in your company’s blog as they would have helpful and worthwhile information to offer.

Including important and engaging information about your brand is key to holding the reader’s attention. A blog acts as a platform to produce and advertise statistics for those interested. Having aesthetic infographics shared on your blog serves as a means of displaying marketing data in a visually appealing way. In turn, this acts as a great tool for brand building as the eye-pleasing representation of data will draw people’s attention towards the brand itself. Without a doubt, creating memorable content and high-quality information will stand to your business’ success and growth of your brand.

Did you find these tips helpful for your brand awareness? Now that your brand is out there, it’s time to tell your story. Find out how MediaHQ can help here or call Gaye on (01) 254 1845.