3 reasons why verified Facebook accounts are good for your organisation


Facebook is launching verified pages and profiles which have the possibility to promote your organisation furthermore.

Similar to Twitter, the pages will feature a small blue tick beside the owner’s name. Verified Facebook accounts, like twitter, are exclusive to public figures, popular brands and organisations.

This new approach could lead to better promotion opportunities and engagement for your organisation;

1. Exclusivity; verified accounts are selective and exclusive. If your organisation is verified it sets you apart from the crowd and gives you the edge over others, leading to a greater audience and promotion opportunities.

2. Trust; Facebook users will trust and respect your page far more if it becomes verified. It is important to be the most trusted name for your organisation’s news in order to increase engagement with users. Verified Facebook accounts make this possible.

3. Recognition; Verified accounts recognise that a person, brand, or organisation is popular. If Facebook recognises that your organisation is well known, so too will it’s users and your page will get a greater audience.